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  1. DoodleSmythe

    How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye?

    So I’ll try to keep this brief, but I want to give enough detail: Ron is 2+ years (rescue so not sure). He had a lump on his neck which grew quickly and our trusted vet removed. He healed up nicely and was back to normal soon after. 6-8 weeks later, the lump had returned. Again, it grew fast...
  2. Stephanie87

    Tumor in a pet Norway Rat

    I have a pet rat named Silver and she has a tumor in her back leg near her abdomen. It doesn't seem to be causing her any pain as of yet. I am just concerned that it may grow or be malignant. Has anyone else had a rat with this problem? If so, please contact me via email at...
  3. A

    Sick rattie fighting syringe feeding

    Our sweet little gray-and-white rat Meep is quite ill. We took him to the vet and she suspects a tumor is taking up space inside his body, making it harder for him to breathe and killing his appetite. We have an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory to try and make him as comfortable as possible...
  4. L

    USA PLEASE 2 females in need/home

    Hello, I have 2 girl rats, (Raleigh,Nc) and I love them so much however it has gotten to a point I can longer take care of them the way I believe they deserve. One of the females has a large mammory tumor that has gotten out of hand, and the other is completely healthy. They are both sweet...
  5. DoodleSmythe

    Male rat, lump in abdomen - advice needed please!

    I am researching anything that could help my boy and could use some advice please. Reggie has developed a lump inside his abdomen on one side. I felt it last week and took him to our vet right away. When we got there, the vet wasn't sure if there was a lump and, strangely, I struggled to find...
  6. Megan Fleischman

    Unknown growth on 10mo girl

    Our rat Cocoa has a growth that I just noticed last night. It feels pretty soft when palpated, but is in a location that makes me think it may be a mammary tumor . It’s under her right armpit. How can I distinguish between an abscess (this seems to have appeared somewhat suddenly-in the last two...
  7. Rachel Dean


    Hi all, I have been reading these forums since discovering them a couple of years ago and they have helped me massively to understand and learn so many things about keeping rats, I never needed to post anything until now and hoping for some help/advice. One of our five rats, Rolo, had a lump on...
  8. Charlize

    Pituitary tumor knuckling

    I just had one rat diagnosed with a pituitary tumor just last week. Her pupils were completely dilated, and she was showing some signs of eating difficulty. A few days later, her most notable symptom was eye bulging. This evening, I took a look at her sister and thought her eyes looked a bit...
  9. RosemaryGinger

    Tumor removal vs QOL

    I have a 3.5 yo female rat named Ginger. Recently, she developed a tumor and has quickly grown to be about the size of a lime (I've attached pictures). She's skinny and her back legs are starting to drag. I took her to the vet, and my options are either euthanasia ($70) or surgery ($400)...
  10. Olympia✨

    Rat very lethargic day after tumour removal surgery.

    I posted a thread the other day with some pre surgery questions but now I need some help with aftercare. Obi had a tumour removed from under his arm yesterday, we got home and all was fine, he was drinking and eating. That was until about 11pm when he managed to (what I thought) ripped his...
  11. Olympia✨

    Tumour removal surgery tomorrow: what should I ask the vet beforehand and how to prepare for surger?

    Hi all, My rat Obi is going in for a tumour removal finally, it was supposed to be on the 25th but since it’s grown so rapidly he’s going in tomorrow. In about two weeks it’s gone from the size of a marble to a ping pong ball. I wanted to ask you all for some tips on what to ask the vets, I...
  12. Olympia✨

    How to get rat to lose weight in about 3 and a half weeks?

    I need help, My rat Obi is going in for a small tumour removal on the 25th or June but he’s about 150g overweight. There’s already a high risk of death in rats from anaesthetic and obese rats have even higher ones. He gets engaging playtime everyday but won’t use his wheel. I feed him fresh...
  13. Olympia✨

    Rat seemed to have developed a lump overnight? Is this an abscess or tumour?

    Hello all, I’m really in need of some advice here. I have a male fancy rat, he’s about 1.5 yrs old, 800g and not neutered. I realised today that he seemed to have developed a soft lump with a slightly sunken centre and squishy all around, but a little irregular. Easily moved around basically...
  14. Katiebug9806

    What is this?? HELP

    This was huge abscess/growth on his tummy. And now it looks like an open wound. It was black and very large and has disappeared. This is all that is left. Don’t know what’s going on and worried
  15. Katiebug9806

    What’s on his eye?

    I noticed today. It looks like my rat has a stye on his bottom eyelid? Or a cyst? I don’t know how to care for it, or even what it is. If anyone has any advice or tips I would appreciate it
  16. Lily Jones

    Small pink lump on lower belly

    So, this is my first post on here but I figured I’d ask about something I noticed on my sweet girl, Venus. I got Venus with her sister, Neptune, last April from a local pet store. Yes, I know to try to avoid pet stores but it was a mom and pop store so I felt a little safer getting my girls from...
  17. Alexyss

    Tumor Removal For Houdini

    Hello, my little rats name is Houdini. I originally named her that about a year ago because she was able to escape her cage the first few nights I had her, thus making her a little escape artist. She is the sweetest little baby. Houdini loves to cuddle and sleep on my chest under a blanket but...
  18. Savanna Chavez

    What is on my baby’s back?

    This my girl Remi. She is about 3 years old now. She was a normal, happy and healthy pet rat. Then all of a sudden her health started going down hill...I’m a photographer and I took her pictures for Christmas. She was normal, not losing hair. No mites, no lice, no tumor, nothing... Then all of...
  19. W

    Bleeding breast tumor

    hi everyone, My 1 year old girl got diagnosed with a tumor on her breast less than a week ago and it has started to bleed. Yesterday I noticed it enlarge(even though she’s on medication meant to prevent this) and this morning woke to it having bled significantly. After 30 mins it stopped...
  20. spankaroo

    potential tumor?

    hi all, my 11 month old male rat, spanky, has had a lump on his left side for a month or so now- but until recently it did not appear to be bothering him. i checked it again today, and it has increased quite a bit in size and is now red and scabbed over on top. it is firm and beneath his skin...