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  1. lilspaz68
    That sadly is a tumour that may have initially looked like an abscess. The tissue is abnormal and won't heal with care like healthy tissue would. As soon as serious infection sets in, sepsis is...
  2. Fidget
    Have you tried bending & moving her foot around gently to see if it causes her any pain? If not I'd just keep my eyes on it for now as she's already on Baytril.
  3. Courtney Cheesman
    Hi little girl Annabelle has this lump on the top of her foot. I've noticed it maybe 2 days ago and it hasn't seemed to have grown and she's still jumping around and using it as...
  4. momofblue
    This is my cousin’s rat blue, she’s had growth growing for 6+ months and we don’t have any idea what it is, if anyone could give any info or help on what it is or how to treat it then that’d be great!
  5. Mac17
    @Loren Hagerman oh my....that's what my boys tumor started out looking like! It became almost the size of him within a matter of weeks! By personal experience, the only way to know what it could...

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