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  1. M

    Taking a hostile rat to the vet?

    Hi, My rat Dixie has a large tumor right in between her back legs and it is growing everyday. I want to take her to the vet to see about getting it removed or having her put down if it’s too late, but there’s a problem. Dixie does not like to be touched by strangers or picked up. She will try...
  2. R

    Rat dying?

    I've got a one-year old male rat, Finn, that is struggling with something -- an abscess, a tumor, I don't know. What I'm hoping is that someone has had experience with something similar and could offer advice about the best path forward. About three weeks ago, Finn developed an huge bump on his...
  3. SunflowerPop

    When Do You Know That Euthanasia is the Right Option

    One of my rats recently got diagnosed with lung tumor. The vet gave me antibiotics and said that he would likely die within 1-3 months. Originally he had been on antibiotics before for what we thought was just a cold, but it progressively got worse to I kept taking him back to the vet...
  4. Nahla

    Healthy Old Girl

    Hello Rat Family, I have a fairly healthy two year old girl, aside from the occasional sneeze. I took her to the vet and they put her on enrofloxacin (also baytril I believe, but i declined that medication due to lack of funds). She has seemed to sneeze a bit less now, but I've been thinking...
  5. Breanna LoCicero

    Swollen nipples + Tumor

    Hello, One of our rats, Sugar, has recently developed swollen nipples. Now, she does have a tumor, which you can see on her top left nipple. I am wondering if this is a result of the tumor or something else, because we’ve had multiple rats pass due to gigantic tumors — Shadow had 4 at once and...