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  1. ShawnD

    Hi, new here, need urgent help, please!

    Hi! I'm new here and reaching out for some urgent advice.❤️ My big boy, Bear (abt 1.5-2 yrs old, and he's a little overweight, fyi) is suffering upper respiratory infection /distress at the moment. Last week he suddenly became worse and I gave him Cefalexin for 2 days until I could see a vet...
  2. kalliedoss2022

    New rats not going to well

    We got 2 new 5 months old male rats yesterday. They poop every time we take them out of the cage. They don’t like to be taken out of their cage and they will grab onto the cage wires when I try to take them out. Help please their transitions is not moving as smoothly as it should and I need...
  3. kalliedoss2022


    Today I will be getting my ratties. Can I have tips for travel? Also, can I have some general facts about the ratties and what I should expect on their first night home? I would also like tips that will help them adjust. I am very unexperienced in rattie care. What should I buy for their cage...
  4. kalliedoss2022


    hi everyone!!! we are new and we would like to purchase 2 rats we have a couple of questions 1- what gender is the best to buy? 2- Should we feed them rat food or buy approved fruits and veggies from the store 3- Is a fleece liner and potty training the way to go and where can I buy it 4- What...
  5. H


    My friend bought a rat and gave it to me at 10 days old I don’t know what to do and it’s twitching a lot mostly while it’s sleeping and sometimes it makes noise while doing it
  6. R

    HELP!! Rat's bone exposed??

    Hello! I have three rat's and the one in the images below got an abscess drained by the vet. She had a deformed tooth that caused the abscess and it seemed to be healing well. I just finished giving her, her antibiotics and put her back in her cage with the other rats yesterday (I separated them...
  7. D

    [HELP] Out of options to stop my rat from biting her surgery stitches

    So my rat got surgery on monday and then it was all fine until the next day she bit open her wound so we went to the vet on wensday they put new staples and and on the same evening she took the staples out AGAIN then the next day on Friday we brought her back to the vet. then she got like a...
  8. Nataly

    Holiday Chew

    Hi, I was looking on the pet smart website and I saw they have holiday themed chews for small pets but I can’t find the ingredients anywhere. It’s supposed to be rat safe but we all know that’s not always the case. I was wondering if anyone on here knows what ingredients it might have. I called...
  9. Olympia✨

    Lump appeared on the side of rats mouth over the course of 3 days?

    Hi all, My rat Loki seems to have developed a small lump on his cheek, right next to his mouth, it seems to have appeared over the course of 3 days or so. Here are some photos: I have a vets appointment at 5pm today, but I wanted to get some further insight on what it could be before I go...
  10. georgina

    Help please! my rats depressed

    Hi, I am so sorry for the long post but I really really need some advice, my old man blue died 2 Sundays ago I did know this was going to happen as he was well past his age so it was expected, but my baby boy buddy 2yrsold died on sunday a straight week after blue died, I was soo confused and...
  11. Jon D


    One of my boys *about 5 months* is sick and I dont know what's happening to him! His sister died in the same way not long ago!! We woke up and he was just lethargic and drooling, he also looked like he was trying to regurgitate. We waited it out and then took him to a vet. They couldn't find out...
  12. E

    New Rat Mom - Help with Introductions?

    I'm a very new rat mom, so any advice/criticisms would be welcome. Hi! So I've ended up adopting a young (at a guess I'd say he's definitely less than a year old from looking at photos of other rats, but I've no clue on a specific age, I'm afraid) boy rat (Harry) from a family friend. She had...
  13. J

    My Female Rats Are Fighting

    Hello, my name is Jena and I have two medium sized female rats who are fighting. I know play-fighting and tiffs for asserting dominance is common with rats but I am worried one may be bulling the other more and I don't know what to do. The rat in question is ending up with wounds and scabs on...
  14. C

    rat with rectal prolapse, please help!!

    hello! as read in the title, i believe my rat may have a mild to moderate rectal prolapse and i am extremely worried on what exactly to do. i am a first time rat owner, currently owning two for almost three months. they’ve been completely fine during these three months, as i’ve been so...
  15. A

    Rats dying suddenly??

    Hello last night my husband and I came home and found one of our babies(Uno) (Disturbing warning) eating the body of his brother (Nico.) After the initial shock and anger we realized (Nico) had died of something else and that the brother (Uno) eating him was a natural response to death and...
  16. S

    5 week old with ear infection, antibiotics are not helping

    I recently adopted three sisters together. All of them are 4-5 weeks old (my best guess). Very small still. I didn't realize that one of them was sick until I brought her home. Day 1 she couldn't even sit up. She would just endlessly roll over and flop on her sides. I found out that my family...
  17. M

    Three Lovely Boys Need a Home in Southwest Florida!

    Unfortunately, I have to move across the country to the coast and I can't bring my three sweet boys with me as I was originally planning :( and I need someone who can take them ASAP! They HAVE to stay together! They all have very close bonds and I cannot take the idea of them parting from each...
  18. A

    Medications online? help!

    My vet refuses to give extra doxycycline & enrofloxacin(baytril), I was told by many rat owners to ask for extra to have on hand for emergencies. my vet insists i’ll need to come in for another 400 exams and meds if they have another flare-up. I was told to buy doxy & enro online from a bird...
  19. MeineRatten

    URGENT first rescue WE REALLY NEED HELP!

    Hi guys! We have just gotten our first rescue, three wonderful girls to add to our already existing pair. We have already consulted all the available info on introductions and came up with a plan (a bit later in this post), but today's event put everything into question and frankly, threw me a...
  20. Olympia✨

    Rat seemed to have developed a lump overnight? Is this an abscess or tumour?

    Hello all, I’m really in need of some advice here. I have a male fancy rat, he’s about 1.5 yrs old, 800g and not neutered. I realised today that he seemed to have developed a soft lump with a slightly sunken centre and squishy all around, but a little irregular. Easily moved around basically...
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