1. S

    fat rat...any advice?

    Hello! Does anyone have any advice they could give me about a lazy inactive rat? Bear's almost a year old, so still young, and usually females are more active than she is. Her cagemate, Sookie, is about the same age, but much smaller and much more active. Sookie has been using the (non-wire) rat...
  2. R

    Respiratory issues & meds not working. Help?

    Hello. I need advice. My rats have respiratory problems, I took them to the vet recently. It's not that bad, just some sneezing and porphyrin from nose. I had one more rat who died due to respiratory problems but she had more serious symptoms - sneezing, wheezing, problems with breathing...
  3. M


    One of my rats is lethargic, she is wobbly and will barely walk. She wouldn’t even take a treat but I did get her to eat some yogurt. Her eyes are squinty, there’s excess porphyrin on her nose, and she seems overall very weak and so not herself. I am worried she’s dying (she’s almost exactly two...
  4. N

    Traveling and need sitter for rats- help!

    Hello! I have two boys, both about 7 months. I’ll be traveling to europe this summer from June 29 until July 22. My friend offered to watch my boys but I’m not sure if she’s up for the involvement they need… and if her parents will let her keep them at her house. I doubt there are some pet...
  5. S

    Will adding another rat to a pair decrease fighting?

    I currently have two female rats, about 10 or 11 months old. I recently posted a thread about Sookie being aggressive to Bear who was recently spayed and had surgery. Before the spay and surgery, Bear was the dominant one, and she once bit Sookie leaving a small mark. Now Sookie has bitten and...
  6. S

    HELP! Female rat aggressive to cage-mate after cage-mate's spay and surgery!!!

    Help! I have two female rats, about 10 months old. One of them had a vaginal polyp so had surgery and was spayed last week. Her name is Bear and she is the larger, more dominant rat. Since the spay, it seems her only cage-mate, that the littler rat, Sookie, is way more aggressive and has even...
  7. S

    HELP!!! Female rat with prolapsed uterus or tumor!!!

    This morning I saw this. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems to be either a prolapsed uterus or a tumor. Please help if you have any experience or advice!!! She's about 10 months old and lives with another female rat. If it is a prolapsed uterus, spaying would probably help but is VERY...
  8. Pandora

    neutered but territorial

    I just got a new naked rat, I put him in with three other boys (after intros), one is neutered... The 2 intact males don't bother the new guy even when he is terrified and screaming. New guy is mostly blind because he has very light pink eyes.. My neutered male had been seeking the new guy out...
  9. Pandora

    New rat has mouth problem

    So I got a new baby yesterday, pulled him from the feeder Bin. I new he would be coming with a few complications because feeders are never healthy. He has rat lice which I am treating with revolution and also possibly an upper respiratory infection that I am keeping my eye on. I'm seeing...
  10. Tpoisson

    Do Rats often recover from Strokes?

    My 2.5 / 3 year old male seems to have suffered a stroke the day before yesterday. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but looking back Im sure of the exact moment it occurred. Thursday afternoon we were cleaning the 3 multi-level cages for our 7 Rats. Suddenly, Ratscal freaks out and starts...
  11. R

    How do I convince parents to allow rat

    Hello, I have been graced with the fantastic opportunity to take care of a rat for breaks including summer. However, my parents despise rats and think that that people will judge them for having one. How do I respectfully convince them to allow rats into the house.
  12. I

    Is this normal?

    So I have three girls that are at least 6 to 7 weeks old. I've always had boys and I've never had these problems before, the girls are bitting one another jugulars and ears and back of the necks I've never seen this with boys, can anyone tell me why the girls are doing this, it's starting to get...
  13. D


  14. Ratmomma2016

    Freaking out

    Want to start off saying, I'm not new to rats & I've already been to my vet. Here's my situation. I rescued 2 rats in May. They weren't hand tame. It took me a whole month to get them adjusted to their new home. I rented a basement at this time and had/have 4 other rats. I kept them separated...
  15. Aliciagraceex

    Rat-proofing blinds?

    I have 3 rats and i love to leave their cage doors open for them to run and explore around my room. I have pretty much everything rat proofed (wires/plugs etc.) The only worry i have is my blinds. I had to coax one of them down from climbing up them today and it's easier said than done trying to...
  16. G

    Cut in rats tail, looks bruised the next day?

    Hi, I'm very new here but we need some help. Last night (7-5-2020) my cat scratched my rats tail. He did bleed a little, but we took him out and cleaned his tail with warm water, and put him in a smaller cage (to keep his cagemate from licking any blood). He was doing fine even though he had...
  17. Jayyd23

    Possibly pregnant rat

    So I adopted two babies last week and were told both were males. One was a little too squirmy for me to get a good look at so I took the mans word. Now it’s a week later and they trust me a bit more and I finally got a really good look at both of them. Well, one of my little buddies was NOT a...
  18. P

    Rat peeing a lot of blood

    Please help, on Tuesday night I noticed my rat Hector peeing blood. I phoned up the vet the next morning and I got a appointment that afternoon. He’s been put on Baytril for what we hope is just a UTI. However the bleeding seems to have gotten worse today (Thursday). I’ve attached a picture of...
  19. dischmarie

    Adopted Solitary Rat-Tips?

    Hello, I adopted a solitary rat today from the Animal Humane Society. She was surrendered due to being very aggressive with other rats. She is also extremely skittish. I had rats as a child but I always had a really good experience with rats getting along and never had a rat alone. They also...
  20. Jordanb1998

    New mom and need suggestions for habitat!

    Hello! I got two girls a couple weeks ago, they are doing great. They are currently on medication for respiratory infections; their sneezing is a lot better and they have continued eating, drinking, playing, and being active. That said, I want to make sure their home is as good as it can be...