Young rat not eating after anesthesia

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Sep 8, 2022
Richmond, VA

About 2 weeks ago I got my two baby boys, Frog and Toad, neutered. Toad is fine, but Frog developed an infection a week later. I nursed him over the long weekend, and he was getting better. But, 2 days ago I brought him back to the vet and she put him under again to properly clean out his wound. She said it was a bad reaction to the sutures and that she removed them.

Ever since then, he hasn’t been eating. I took him back in and she took x-rays, checked him out again and has no idea what’s wrong. She said he should be fine and getting better. But, he just sits in a corner and sleeps. He won’t play with Toad anymore. I can barely get him to eat a nibble of a banana if I’m holding him or even open his eyes. I’m desperate. He’s barely 4 months old. He’s my baby. I thought neutering him was a good idea. I’ve never regretted a decision so much in my life.

Please, if anyone has any ideas how to get him to eat please suggest them. I’m sure if I can just get his pain meds and antibiotics into him, he’ll get better. I just need him to eat. I just need my baby to be okay.
You may have to force the meds into him so he can start recovering, there are many videos online on how to do it properly, you can also try doing this with his normal pellet soaked in water so it's mushy(more watered down the better).

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