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Dec 18, 2021
Troy NH
So we had a rat show up a few months ago ( we've never had rats around before) been living in our dry well. Said rat went missing for a week or so. But has reappeared in our chicken coop. Our hens don't care. Well to my surprise this morning there was 2 heads staring at me. Momma ( we thought was a male) and a baby. So far I only see 2 babies and haven't seen another adult. We set out a trail cam to see if maybe there just hiding more. Our chickens are definitely interested in the babies. Momma isn't afraid of us she comes when make noises or say Momma. She comes within a foot of us to grab food etc. Due to babies we are going to need to relocate them any tips for safely we don't want to harm them. Mommas become one of the pets kinda being around for months. But we don't want a neighborhood infestation. I think babies are around 2 weeks by images I found on google.Google. attached pic of momma ans one of the babies today. This is the first day we've seen babies


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Nov 12, 2018
It's really odd that a wild rat would come near a human. Are you SURE she wasn't a domestic rat that may have got loose, or been set free? I think relocation may actually be a death sentence for mom and babies. I'd fix the spot she was coming in your house through, and make sure not to leave food, or trash out that she can eat. She may travel on. If you want to, use a live trap, and maybe cover it up, put some yummy treats in there, and call a rehaber for advice. If you think she may be a domestic, trap her and keep her inside.

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