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  1. I

    (Potentially) starved rat emergency

    I had two rat sisters that were staying at a friend’s house for a month or so. In my current living situation I couldn’t keep them, but I’m moving in a couple of weeks. They are less than six months old. This morning one of the girls had passed away and the other looked fine. Friend said he...
  2. C

    Lethargic weak rat need advice

    My male rat Chaz (2 years old) is super lethargic and weak, and I’m not sure if he’s just recovering from anemia or if something else is going on. His brother Prince (same age) died suddenly Sun night/ Mon morning and I noticed lots of tiny bugs on his body. (I brought him to the vet a few...
  3. Tay&Ninko-Bean

    Accessories Wanted GoFundMe for Ninko-bean The details are on the GoFundMe page but basically. I feel the cage I have right now is too small. Therefore I let him roam free most of the time but, that in itself is stressful. No matter how much I clean or pick up I'm still terrified he's gonna find something I...
  4. E

    Young rat not eating after anesthesia

    Hello, About 2 weeks ago I got my two baby boys, Frog and Toad, neutered. Toad is fine, but Frog developed an infection a week later. I nursed him over the long weekend, and he was getting better. But, 2 days ago I brought him back to the vet and she put him under again to properly clean out...
  5. Justtgracie

    Hello! i’m new to owning rats!

    Hello, i’m new to owning rats and just found this website! i’ve had my rats about a week and did a tone of research before hand but i’m wondering if i’m missing things or doing anything wrong to make them pretty timid of me, i’ve got them the critter nation cage, right now i only have one level...
  6. E

    What’s wrong with her eye and what can I do? A vet visit for all of my rats are scheduled for the 9th.

  7. 3

    Pet For Sale 4 rats for rehoming

    Hello. I have 4 very sweet rats who need to be rehomed. All are male and they are separated into bonded pairs. One set is a few months old and the other is about a year. I have recently suffered some mental trauma and can't care for them anymore. My mom can't care for them either as she is...
  8. terminallyCapriciousTC


    I have an old man rat, Houdini, he's a good old man and is loved by me, close friends and my Twitch community. Over the last few days he's had a sudden turn in behaviour. Going from being a lazy, old man, who is showing the 3 5 month old babies how to win me over with grooms, to now? His front...
  9. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    Advice please!! Rat with longer that usual teeth..

    Hello! I just was petting my pet rat Sookie (female, about 1.5 years old) in her Sputnik and I noticed that her bottom teeth are a little longer than my other rat's. I've heard of cases where rat's teeth get too long, and I don't want things to escalate. The rats have a hanging wooden chew toy...
  10. N

    Babies sold to me at 3 weeks.

    Hello, I’d really like some help. I recently bought three baby girls, upon receiving them I found them to be 3 and a half weeks old. From my research this is too young to be sold and away from mum. I’m not sure what to do, any advice on what to feed them, what care to give them and how to give...
  11. Ravien715

    Need advice for my "whistling" boy.

    Hi fellow rat lovers! I will try to be brief and to the point in this very long and twisted story. My 15 month old boy has been making whistling noises for about three, maybe four months. We have been in and out of vets all the time. At the end of August I took him to a vet different than my...
  12. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    play area troubles...advice needed!

    I have four rats, and I know that it's good for them to have at least an hour of time out of their cage every day. In the past, I would simply let them run around my room. However this proved to be problematic, as they would chew through my bedding, curtains, and the clothes and bags in my...
  13. E

    Handling rats while sick?

    In the past couple days, I have developed some illness symptoms that could be anything from COVID to strep throat (I am going to get tested today). I was wondering how safe it is for me to handle my ratties during this time? I’ve seen some sources that say humans can transmit strep throat to...
  14. B

    I may have made a mistake..

    I may have overreacted to my baby boy's (9-10 weeks) breathing issues. Ive been treating my adult boys with prescribed doxycycline because of a uri and when i heard similar breathing noises coming from my baby i panicked and stupidly decided to give him a portion of doxycycline that was 3x too...
  15. Ravien715

    Need advice for my elderly rat - mass in stomach.

    Hi I am sorry I don't really know where to start because I feel completely defeated. First of all I am going to let whoever reads this know that I was aware of how expensive having rats can be. I was prepared for anything to come my way, what I wasn't expecting was a global pandemic and that I...
  16. Caitlin

    Is it time to say goodbye

    Hello everyone :) Bit of a sad one here and I hope nobody here will judge me too harshly cause I truly feel like I’ve been an awful rat mum. My boy James is nearly 3 now and his brother died a long time ago. I have 3 other boys who I adopted for siblings for him and they are all perfectly...
  17. M


    One of my rats is lethargic, she is wobbly and will barely walk. She wouldn’t even take a treat but I did get her to eat some yogurt. Her eyes are squinty, there’s excess porphyrin on her nose, and she seems overall very weak and so not herself. I am worried she’s dying (she’s almost exactly two...
  18. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    HELP! Female rat aggressive to cage-mate after cage-mate's spay and surgery!!!

    Help! I have two female rats, about 10 months old. One of them had a vaginal polyp so had surgery and was spayed last week. Her name is Bear and she is the larger, more dominant rat. Since the spay, it seems her only cage-mate, that the littler rat, Sookie, is way more aggressive and has even...
  19. J

    Please help, my rats are sick

    Both of my female fancy rats are just over two years old and they both have lumps on their back ends suddenly, and one of the girls is missing hair on her back and is very lethargic, also she can’t seem to walk straight. They are both eating and drinking water. I haven’t seen them in a couple...
  20. ratbunches

    FTT? or something else?

    Hey. A couple days ago I got a little rat named Peanut. I have one from the same litter, and 3 others from the same mom and dad, but an earlier litter. Peanut is about 6-7 weeks old, and she just passed the 60 g mark, where her sister from the same litter is about 80-90 g. After i got her she...