help needed

  1. Kayli

    Possible bumble foot, unsure

    hello everyone, I’m a new rat owner and I’m having some trouble figuring out if one of my baby’s (spunk) has bumble foot or not Any information will be greatly appreciated I’ve attached a photo of his not so little feet
  2. L

    USA PLEASE 2 females in need/home

    Hello, I have 2 girl rats, (Raleigh,Nc) and I love them so much however it has gotten to a point I can longer take care of them the way I believe they deserve. One of the females has a large mammory tumor that has gotten out of hand, and the other is completely healthy. They are both sweet...
  3. H


    My friend bought a rat and gave it to me at 10 days old I don’t know what to do and it’s twitching a lot mostly while it’s sleeping and sometimes it makes noise while doing it
  4. D

    [HELP] Out of options to stop my rat from biting her surgery stitches

    So my rat got surgery on monday and then it was all fine until the next day she bit open her wound so we went to the vet on wensday they put new staples and and on the same evening she took the staples out AGAIN then the next day on Friday we brought her back to the vet. then she got like a...
  5. J

    Trust Training Help Needed

    Hi, my name is Julia. As of 3 days ago I am the proud rat mom of two beautiful 6 week old pups, Barry and Oliver. They are my first every rat pair. My two boys are very small, and both very skittish. Barry is a little more adventurous, he comes up to the cage when I am feeding and cleaning, when...
  6. C

    rat with rectal prolapse, please help!!

    hello! as read in the title, i believe my rat may have a mild to moderate rectal prolapse and i am extremely worried on what exactly to do. i am a first time rat owner, currently owning two for almost three months. they’ve been completely fine during these three months, as i’ve been so...
  7. C

    Constant wheezing, trouble breathing...

    at owners and others knowledgeable on the subject, i need help regarding a 1 year old female pet rat. her name is benadryl and she was left in the care of her owner's sister while traveling, and later we found out she had left the cage dusty, uncleaned, and with the wrong padding for over a...