Babies sold to me at 3 weeks.

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Jan 16, 2022
Hello, I’d really like some help. I recently bought three baby girls, upon receiving them I found them to be 3 and a half weeks old. From my research this is too young to be sold and away from mum. I’m not sure what to do, any advice on what to feed them, what care to give them and how to give them the best life I can would be greatly appreciated. I will be taking them to the vet ASAP, to be checked over, to make sure they were correctly sexed and because one of them has an infection. I was told she was born blind in one eye and that it was infected but that otherwise she was healthy. Any advice also on helping her with her eye would be appreciated, it has porphyrin around it and appears stuck open and crusty. They’re inquisitive and appear healthy but I am not a professional and want to ensure I make no mistakes and that I give them the best care I can.
So sorry no one replied earlier! So for your babies, they should have mom's milk until 5-6 weeks. At this stage they will also be trying, and eating lab blocks. If you can, get some organic baby formula, and you can mix it with some baby cereal, and feed them that along with their blocks. Just put it in a dish that can't be spilled, and put it in their cage. As far as the eye, if you can post a pic, lilspaz can look at it and help you out with what may be the issue, and how to address it. Good luck with your babies!
Hi thanks so much for the reply. I’m getting formula today for them and in the meantime I’ve been feeding them rat safe baby food but they have been choosing harder food (my normal rat mix for my 11 week old) over the cooked veggies and baby cereal I’ve been giving them. They’re going to the vet this week (vet told me to wait and see if the eye was healing) for a check up and to look at the baby who’s blind in one eye. They seem okay, I’ve done a lot of reading and they’re not displaying any abnormal behaviour for babies around 4/5 weeks. I’ll include pictures of my baby with the eye problem :)) thanks so much for the reply


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