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Feb 19, 2021
A couple days ago I got a little rat named Peanut. I have one from the same litter, and 3 others from the same mom and dad, but an earlier litter.
Peanut is about 6-7 weeks old, and she just passed the 60 g mark, where her sister from the same litter is about 80-90 g. After i got her she slowly developed a upper respiratory infection, and we have been at the vet today and have gotten antibiotics. She looks very frail, og her fur is more of a chick like fuzz compared to her sister. She eats and drinks and i give her kitten milk substitute too (this was recommended by the woman i got her from). She is gaining weight, and is active(less than the others, but understandable now that she's sick), but she could spend all day on my shoulder and as soon as i open the cage she crawls on me.
She's completely different from my other rats.
She comes from a litter of 21 babies, so they got milk substitute besides the milk from their mom.

My suspicion is FTT, but could it be something else?

My rats get fed a lab rat food, that have all the nutrients needed, they have mats in their cage and shredded paper in their toilet. They have a big cage with lots of hammocks and things for activity.


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She may have had a low grade infection for awhile now causing her growth to be slower. If she responds well to the antibiotics she might stay smaller but should start catching up on normal growth. She's adorable.

She is also likely to be a runt and was at the end of the uterus, all cramped, which can also inhibit growth.
Omg she looks exactly like my Truffle who just passed suddenly from a URI 😭 She was exactly like your girl, tinier than all the other girls but such a sweet heart. She was sneezing a week after I got her and she didn’t respond to antibiotics and passed at the vets.