Hello! i’m new to owning rats!

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Sep 4, 2022
Hello, i’m new to owning rats and just found this website! i’ve had my rats about a week and did a tone of research before hand but i’m wondering if i’m missing things or doing anything wrong to make them pretty timid of me, i’ve got them the critter nation cage, right now i only have one level but plan to get an add on level this week! i’ve been feeding them Mazuri rat food and plenty of treats i’ve researched to be rat safe! they’ve got a littler box, a plastic house to hide in, and a hanging bed! I have 3 rats in total, all boys, and theyre still pretty shy of me, ive been working on getting them to come up to my hand to take treats but they always run, they’ll let me pet them every now and then, and just today they started coming out of the cage on their own but only two of them! two of my boys are a lot more social then the other one! the littlest one is the most scared and has bite me and held on before and tried to bite multiple times but today when i worked with him he didn’t attempt to at all! i’m assuming it’s just going to take them a lot longer to warm up to me then everyone on the internet has made it out to be (i’m wondering if this is because they came from my local humane society and not a breeder) but i’m also wondering if i’m doing something wrong and would love as much advice as possible! thank you and nice to meet you guys!!
Sorry, this is way too late, but welcome to the forum. Any progress on your rats?