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  1. Eggboi

    Slow down malignant tumor?

    Hi all - looking for some advice. My old lady Moomin has developed a tumor on her head, we went to the vets this afternoon and they took a sample, and sadly it's come back as malignant... Due to her age (2 years & 4 weeks), the placement, and the fact that it's malignant, they don't recommend...
  2. Justtgracie

    Hello! i’m new to owning rats!

    Hello, i’m new to owning rats and just found this website! i’ve had my rats about a week and did a tone of research before hand but i’m wondering if i’m missing things or doing anything wrong to make them pretty timid of me, i’ve got them the critter nation cage, right now i only have one level...
  3. D

    blood in pee?

    hey all! hoping this is the correct spot to put this. i was hoping to get some opinions/thoughts/advice/any input really on this situation bc i'm very much confused and worried. so about 2 months ago i noticed my rambunctious 1.5 y/o girl Kim was having little drops of blood coming out at...
  4. R

    Sick boy, cannot afford vet

    Hello everyone, one of my boys Basil is pretty sick with a respiratory infection and unfortunately I cannot afford to take him to the vet. I got three rats in January and have already had to pay for two of them to be treated for respiratory infections already. I clean their cage all the time and...