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  1. Mochiko

    Soon-to-Be Owner Needs Advice

    Hello, everyone! I’m Mochiko and I’ve just joined the community. I’m hoping to get a couple of pet rats in the coming months. It’s been awhile since I’ve been well-versed in rats and their care, and I’d like to learn as much as I can before I become the owner of some. I’m leaning toward male...
  2. Eggboi

    Slow down malignant tumor?

    Hi all - looking for some advice. My old lady Moomin has developed a tumor on her head, we went to the vets this afternoon and they took a sample, and sadly it's come back as malignant... Due to her age (2 years & 4 weeks), the placement, and the fact that it's malignant, they don't recommend...
  3. Justtgracie

    Hello! i’m new to owning rats!

    Hello, i’m new to owning rats and just found this website! i’ve had my rats about a week and did a tone of research before hand but i’m wondering if i’m missing things or doing anything wrong to make them pretty timid of me, i’ve got them the critter nation cage, right now i only have one level...
  4. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    Advice please!! Rat with longer that usual teeth..

    Hello! I just was petting my pet rat Sookie (female, about 1.5 years old) in her Sputnik and I noticed that her bottom teeth are a little longer than my other rat's. I've heard of cases where rat's teeth get too long, and I don't want things to escalate. The rats have a hanging wooden chew toy...
  5. Ratmom01

    New rat mom in need of advice

    I just got my 3 girls last saturday! Of course being a new pet owner i have worries, like am i doing it all right? No amount of research is going to calm that so i thought asking people who have owned rats for awhile would be the best. I have a starter cage, its deep and wide with a second...
  6. N

    Babies sold to me at 3 weeks.

    Hello, I’d really like some help. I recently bought three baby girls, upon receiving them I found them to be 3 and a half weeks old. From my research this is too young to be sold and away from mum. I’m not sure what to do, any advice on what to feed them, what care to give them and how to give...
  7. Covenfangs

    Tumour by genitals

    My female rat of 2 years old has a tumour beside her genitals which was first noticed September and was growing slowly but since December it has grown rapidly. She has been to the vets a few times and we tried treatment to see whether it would slow down the growth rate or potentially reduce it...
  8. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    play area troubles...advice needed!

    I have four rats, and I know that it's good for them to have at least an hour of time out of their cage every day. In the past, I would simply let them run around my room. However this proved to be problematic, as they would chew through my bedding, curtains, and the clothes and bags in my...
  9. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    Bonding With New Rats

    In August I adopted two five month old nuetered male rats, named Obi and Ronny to be the companions of my year old females, Sookie and Bear. I've been very busy and haven't had as much time as I'd like to bond with the new rats, and I'm not entirely sure how best to do that. If anyone has advice...
  10. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    fat rat...any advice?

    Hello! Does anyone have any advice they could give me about a lazy inactive rat? Bear's almost a year old, so still young, and usually females are more active than she is. Her cagemate, Sookie, is about the same age, but much smaller and much more active. Sookie has been using the (non-wire) rat...
  11. Caitlin

    Is it time to say goodbye

    Hello everyone :) Bit of a sad one here and I hope nobody here will judge me too harshly cause I truly feel like I’ve been an awful rat mum. My boy James is nearly 3 now and his brother died a long time ago. I have 3 other boys who I adopted for siblings for him and they are all perfectly...
  12. M


    One of my rats is lethargic, she is wobbly and will barely walk. She wouldn’t even take a treat but I did get her to eat some yogurt. Her eyes are squinty, there’s excess porphyrin on her nose, and she seems overall very weak and so not herself. I am worried she’s dying (she’s almost exactly two...
  13. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    HELP! Female rat aggressive to cage-mate after cage-mate's spay and surgery!!!

    Help! I have two female rats, about 10 months old. One of them had a vaginal polyp so had surgery and was spayed last week. Her name is Bear and she is the larger, more dominant rat. Since the spay, it seems her only cage-mate, that the littler rat, Sookie, is way more aggressive and has even...
  14. Pandora

    neutered but territorial

    I just got a new naked rat, I put him in with three other boys (after intros), one is neutered... The 2 intact males don't bother the new guy even when he is terrified and screaming. New guy is mostly blind because he has very light pink eyes.. My neutered male had been seeking the new guy out...
  15. Tpoisson

    Do Rats often recover from Strokes?

    My 2.5 / 3 year old male seems to have suffered a stroke the day before yesterday. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but looking back Im sure of the exact moment it occurred. Thursday afternoon we were cleaning the 3 multi-level cages for our 7 Rats. Suddenly, Ratscal freaks out and starts...
  16. Caitlin

    babies sneezing

    Hi everyone :) I recently adopted 3 baby boys at 6 weeks old and they’re now around 10 weeks. I also have a solitary elderly male, James, who doesn’t live with them as he has severe breathing problems which i’m treating but I don’t want him to pass it onto them. They’ve never met him but today I...
  17. D


  18. M

    adopted rats, but having issues- need advice

    Hi- Last week I adopted three female rats from a wildlife center I volunteer at (they were rehomed because there were not any programs happening due to covid). They gave me the rats, cage, and food for free so all I had to buy was bedding and toys. I had been wanting rats for months beforehand...
  19. S

    Hi, new here, need urgent help, please!

    Hi! I'm new here and reaching out for some urgent advice.❤️ My big boy, Bear (abt 1.5-2 yrs old, and he's a little overweight, fyi) is suffering upper respiratory infection /distress at the moment. Last week he suddenly became worse and I gave him Cefalexin for 2 days until I could see a vet...
  20. C

    General advice?

    Wasn’t sure where exactly to put this since I wanted to combine a bunch of questions in to one big post. I want to give my ratties a good life, and maybe spoil them a bit. I know I could always google things, but I love the individual advice I get ^^ y’all are wonderful! first off, I’ve only...