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  1. M

    My husband's rat hasn't been doing well and I need advice

    My husband's rat Myro (a little over 2 years old) hasn't been doing well for a while. We've been suspecting a petuitary tumor because he has been having a harder and harder time holding his food slowly over time and he is also becoming more disoriented and he leans to the left and seems off...
  2. J

    Cage help :)

    Hello, I'm hoping to get a pair of rats in the not so distant future. Just currently researching and getting all my information straight before I do. So any information given would be massively appreciated. Does anyone have the thicket cage that pets at home were selling for degu's? As far as I...
  3. M

    Where did you get your rats?

    I am not ready for rats yet. But I am planning to get some in the future. I am from rural Ontario, Canada. My question is: Where do you get your rats from? Here are basically my options - In my town there is a Humane Society. But they only get rats maybe every couple of years. - There is a...
  4. Olympia✨

    Rats Mites Came Back. Absolutely Infuriated.

    I honestly can’t believe it:mad: I went through extensive cleaning, spent loads of money to buy new toys (at least they can all be washed now- no wood!) and spent a tonne on treatments. I even got my carpets and mattress professionally cleaned (since that’s where my boys like to run around. I...
  5. P

    Advice! Possible stroke?

    Hey Rat Shack community. I’m a brand new member and I need some medical advice from a more experienced rat owner. My rat, Timothy, a 4-6 month old male, suddenly started displaying extremely distressing physical symptoms early this morning, which have only proceded to worsen within the last few...
  6. Rattimus

    Old rat with open cyst/abscess?...Need Advice

    So my rat is getting old, maybe has a week left to live. I took him to the vet a few days ago, he got antibiotics and pain meds, as well as wound care for a cyst he has on his belly. The problem with the cyst is that the original scab has fallen off and now it is wide open showing his abdominal...
  7. sickpink

    Depression issues?

    This post might be a little all over the place but here we go. I had two males living as cage mates (Gizmo 2.5 years, Moggy 1.5 years) for well over a year before I started having aggression issues with Moggy. One day out of the blue he had left a large gash on Gizmos neck and I could not...