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  1. H

    PT steroid name?

    I was recently readind a long thread about a rat that had symptoms of a pituitary tumor. My rat has all the same symptoms and im worried we are nearly out of time. Does anyone know the name of the steroid that is prescribed to rats for PTs? Our exotic pet vet moved away from our small city so...
  2. M

    white thing on rats eye

    hi! I have a big male rat named Bob and I’ve had him for almost a year now! But about a week ago I noticed he had a small white chunk of something on his right eye.. I thought it was bedding and left it for 3 days thinking he would get rid of it himself.. but he didn’t?? so I decided to try...
  3. Nomixiu

    Rat limping one leg only

    Hi guys, I have a 1 year and 8 months old rat who just started suddenly limping in one foot today, which is super weird because compared to his brother, he's the crazy, running active one always. Yesterday he was perfectly fine, ran around, climbed on stuff etc. Today, I saw him limping his...
  4. Covenfangs

    Tumour by genitals

    My female rat of 2 years old has a tumour beside her genitals which was first noticed September and was growing slowly but since December it has grown rapidly. She has been to the vets a few times and we tried treatment to see whether it would slow down the growth rate or potentially reduce it...
  5. S

    Switching milks?

    Hello! My name is Sam, i have had an orphaned baby roof rat for about a week now. I have had him slowly introduced to raw goats milk and he seems to be doing well on it. He’s very active and digests it well. But after some research I see soy based human formula is best for him and the goats milk...
  6. Triss

    Ferret cage?

    I currently have a ferret in a Savic Suite Royal cage with fleece linings that I change and wash often. The bar spacing is about 1.5 cm. Could I keep rats in this cage? Obviously when my ferret passes away. I love her but she is getting old and when she is gone I want to go back to keeping...
  7. Y

    music of mice / look here :)

    Your mice will always be happy thanks to the music in the program :) 30 Day Free Trial Download You can download and install the program I tried it very well :)
  8. M

    Coat color question!

    Hey guys, what color is this rat considered? I’m thinking agouti, but she has a bit more blue/gray than the agouti pics I see online. Thoughts? 😁
  9. Saturnsdeath

    Rest in peace Viola and Ophelia

    Ophelia passed back in July, she was a curly haired blind albino rat. My baby Viola who just passed one week ago today had pneumonia for the second time and sadly this time it got her. Ophelia had pneumonia as well and passed. They are sisters. Ophelia passed at 6 months and Viola passed at 9...
  10. N

    Searching for a home for 3 female rats ASAP

    Hi there, I am searching for a home for 3 female rats. Sadly we are moving to a smaller place and it’s unfair to have to downsize their cage for our needs. We are located in st.louis Missouri. If anyone knows of a rescue or someone who is interested that has experience with semi tame rats please...
  11. C

    huge bone like lump?

    One of my rats has a very large bone like lump on the back of his head/neck, it has no movement whatsoever and feels just like a bone. I have absolutely no idea what this is, I will post pictures in the morning but until then if anyone has any ideas it would help me relax. I will be taking him...
  12. K

    My Rats Energy

    A couple of months ago I got my two rats Pigeon and Luna. At first Luna was really active and Pigeon was still active but a bit less than Luna. However a couple of weeks ago I noticed that Pigeon was really lethargic and when I take her out she doesn’t want to play and sits down and sleeps. Is...
  13. E

    swollen eye

    my rat has a swollen eye. it’s not like how other people have described theirs before though, with boogers around or tears. it’s completely swelled up and twice the size of his other eye. there is pus in the middle of it. i know that he has mites but not sure if this has to do with that. help if...
  14. Poe and Friends


    I just created a new rat forum of my own and I'm wondering if anyone wants to join! paisleyeworld.blogspot.com Have fun!
  15. zJoker

    Trying to identify unusual behaviour

    Hello! Hope everyone is safe and is doing well :) Would like some advice and/or thoughts on some unusual behaviour that my rat has been displaying :( I've already booked a vet appointment for Monday but I'm hoping to see if anyone has any experience with this and offer advise for anything I...
  16. S

    11 month old rat off balance, lost weight, is it a PT?

    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice. I am taking my boy to an exotic vet tomorrow at 11 for a diagnosis. Over the past week my boy has lost weight, can’t eat his normal pellets and I’ve not seen him drink from his bottle, he’s always had an issue with his back left leg since about 6...
  17. V

    Help! Baby rat or mouse

    I got a 9 week old rat from someone and noticed he looks so mouse like...that I started thinking what if he is a mouse. Am i being silly? I've had baby rats before and remember their faces not being so pointy
  18. N


  19. kalliedoss2022


    Today I will be getting my ratties. Can I have tips for travel? Also, can I have some general facts about the ratties and what I should expect on their first night home? I would also like tips that will help them adjust. I am very unexperienced in rattie care. What should I buy for their cage...
  20. A

    My rat is pulsing and seems as if he cannot breathe?

    Hi, my oldest rat, Russell, is kind of pulsing? He sounds as though he cannot breathe well and his abdomen/sides and moving in and out similar the way way dogs do when they're about to throw up. I plan to take him to a vet in the morning, but I'm kind of scared because he was fine this morning...