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  1. lillywithluv

    Rat Ran Away !!!!

    hello !! so my little Orson escaped his cage somehow and left his brother bug behind. we didn't want him to be alone so we went and picked up a new baby boy today, skully. as we were getting bug and skully introduced we heard scratching in the walls and Orson peaked his head out of a little...
  2. Rattimus

    Old rat with open cyst/abscess?...Need Advice

    So my rat is getting old, maybe has a week left to live. I took him to the vet a few days ago, he got antibiotics and pain meds, as well as wound care for a cyst he has on his belly. The problem with the cyst is that the original scab has fallen off and now it is wide open showing his abdominal...
  3. CarlyMS

    I'm New Here!

    Hi all, I just joined The Rat Shack. I am from Ontario, Canada and am currently waiting for my two baby ratties to be ready to come home in a few weeks. I previously had a pair of boys, Bruce & Snoopy which I attached a photo. And a photo of my new baby girls:) (photos of babies not by me but...
  4. S

    Wobbly, Mouth-Breathing Baby-- Please Help

    Hello, about 2 weeks ago I took in two fairly young male rats (Errol and Norbert) from a friend who adopted them at a local pet store. I'd say they're about 2 or 3 months old, but I'm not entirely certain. They've always been quite sneezy, but I figured it was just the new home sneezes...
  5. R

    WANTED ceramic food bowls (new)

    if u have any for a cheap price let me know
  6. F

    Hello! I need help sexing my new rats!

    Hi! I'm a new rat owner, and I just took home three double rex babies. However, I have no idea what gendrs they are. I'm pretty sure atleast two of them are males. I'd appreciate any help!
  7. Megan Toney

    In search of young male rat

    Huntington, WV Charleston, WV Grayson, KY Ironton, OH A fellow rattie lover has a solo male rat in need of a friend. I will be the transport and am able to meet within reason.
  8. R

    1 Dumbo Rat Boy in Need of New Home - SEATTLE

    Hi new member here in a bit of a bind! Really mad at myself but I got duped; I needed female rat friend for my current rat ( she was originally a feeder rat so she did not have any litter mates when I adopted her). I managed to find a breeder but I was in a rush when I picked up the rat, and...
  9. P

    One lonely rat and one aggressive rat

    Hi all, My wife and I decided to get rats last summer, but we ended up getting two baby boys from what, in retrospect, was a bad breeder (smoked around the rats and had them on poor diets, etc.) Partly through our own inexperience and poor judgment and partly under pressure from a pushy...