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  1. E

    Young rat not eating after anesthesia

    Hello, About 2 weeks ago I got my two baby boys, Frog and Toad, neutered. Toad is fine, but Frog developed an infection a week later. I nursed him over the long weekend, and he was getting better. But, 2 days ago I brought him back to the vet and she put him under again to properly clean out...
  2. K

    rat got out of corset and removed a few stitches

    hey all. my rat Merry had a tumor removed on monday. it was really, really small, about the size of an m&m. the incision looks like it was about an inch long. i was sitting with him doing laundry, and he had his corset on fine and seemed to be sleeping in his cage. looked back about 2 minutes...
  3. N

    New rat introductions with injured eye.

    Hello! opinions would be greatly appreciated. I have 3, 7-week old rats that I intend to introduce to my lone girl Zaffie. One of the new babies, Faun, has been blind in one eye since birth and has an infection. I am managing it with eyedrops and once I get the go-ahead from a vet the eye will...
  4. I

    I have a sick rat:(

    One of my rats had a surgery on a tumor,and for some reason they gave us the wrong price.So we were not able to afford her metacam right away,but we called everywhere we could for 3 days after looking for some.She took some of her staples out but isn't bleeding or anything,its slightly open on...
  5. Covenfangs

    Tumour by genitals

    My female rat of 2 years old has a tumour beside her genitals which was first noticed September and was growing slowly but since December it has grown rapidly. She has been to the vets a few times and we tried treatment to see whether it would slow down the growth rate or potentially reduce it...
  6. X

    17month rattie with lump/mass/tumor on front left side near front leg. Contemplating surgery...

    My sweet rat Gemini has a lump on her front left side near front leg. I discovered it the 20th, 4 days ago. we went to the vet the 22nd. I am considering surgery (for $350) but Gem is in good spirits, acting completely normal, can climb, run, waddle, eat, sleep and use all limbs. She seems to be...
  7. D

    [HELP] Out of options to stop my rat from biting her surgery stitches

    So my rat got surgery on monday and then it was all fine until the next day she bit open her wound so we went to the vet on wensday they put new staples and and on the same evening she took the staples out AGAIN then the next day on Friday we brought her back to the vet. then she got like a...
  8. Isabellapauline

    rat not pooping after surgery??

    my sweet little daisy who’s just over a year old just got a mammary tumor removed yesterday morning. she’s doing really good now and is starting to seem like her old self again. but the kicker is she hasn’t pooped since she went under. she hasn’t pooped since yesterday now and it’s starting to...
  9. Emy

    Urgent post surgery chewing scabs

    Nini had surgery to remove a large tumor on the 19th. She has stitches from her arm to her mid stomach side. Her stomach and side are fine and healing nicely. But she has been chewing the scabs off her arm the last few days. I have tried to wrap it, impossible for me to wrap her tiny arm and she...
  10. O

    Obi made it through his second tumour removal!

  11. RosemaryGinger

    Tumor removal vs QOL

    I have a 3.5 yo female rat named Ginger. Recently, she developed a tumor and has quickly grown to be about the size of a lime (I've attached pictures). She's skinny and her back legs are starting to drag. I took her to the vet, and my options are either euthanasia ($70) or surgery ($400)...
  12. O

    Rat very lethargic day after tumour removal surgery.

    I posted a thread the other day with some pre surgery questions but now I need some help with aftercare. Obi had a tumour removed from under his arm yesterday, we got home and all was fine, he was drinking and eating. That was until about 11pm when he managed to (what I thought) ripped his...
  13. O

    Tumour removal surgery tomorrow: what should I ask the vet beforehand and how to prepare for surger?

    Hi all, My rat Obi is going in for a tumour removal finally, it was supposed to be on the 25th but since it’s grown so rapidly he’s going in tomorrow. In about two weeks it’s gone from the size of a marble to a ping pong ball. I wanted to ask you all for some tips on what to ask the vets, I...
  14. O

    How to get rat to lose weight in about 3 and a half weeks?

    I need help, My rat Obi is going in for a small tumour removal on the 25th or June but he’s about 150g overweight. There’s already a high risk of death in rats from anaesthetic and obese rats have even higher ones. He gets engaging playtime everyday but won’t use his wheel. I feed him fresh...
  15. Alexyss

    Tumor Removal For Houdini

    Hello, my little rats name is Houdini. I originally named her that about a year ago because she was able to escape her cage the first few nights I had her, thus making her a little escape artist. She is the sweetest little baby. Houdini loves to cuddle and sleep on my chest under a blanket but...
  16. elricsgirl

    Spay Aftercare

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. I have a 1.5 year old rat named Mulan and she was just spayed on Tuesday. The hope is that by spaying her, her mammary growths will stop growing. She is a stubborn girl and is very unhappy in her smaller cage. She's pretty pouty because she doesn't have her...
  17. elricsgirl

    Spay Aftercare

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. I have a 1.5 year old rat named Mulan. She is a rescued lab rat and the sweetest little thing. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!
  18. S

    Strange symptoms one week after mammary tumour removal?

    Hi everyone. So one of my girls Parsley had a mammary tumour removed by my experienced exotics vet just over a week ago, and other than a little bit of an infection that seems to have cleared up with antibiotics, and a fluid sack under the skin which has now gone, she has been doing well...
  19. Nahla

    Healthy Old Girl

    Hello Rat Family, I have a fairly healthy two year old girl, aside from the occasional sneeze. I took her to the vet and they put her on enrofloxacin (also baytril I believe, but i declined that medication due to lack of funds). She has seemed to sneeze a bit less now, but I've been thinking...
  20. xjad0re

    Eye lump after enucleation.

    Hi guys, Just wanted some advice for my male rat, Bean. He had surgery almost 2 weeks ago to remove one of his eyes. It was all healing up well, and he was on Metacam for pain relief as well as Baytril to stop any infection. Now, there is a massive lump in the area. Do you think it’s an...