1. RoadieRattikins

    My rat is having odd symptoms! HELP!!

    My rat Roadie is having some odd symptoms lately. On the corners of his mouth it seems that he has scratched there causing cuts on both sides of his mouth. He doesn't naturally bite down his nails so I do have to trim them. He is about 5-6 months old. I also noticed some redness in his poo. Not...
  2. Pandora

    I think he finally likes it here

    Took about a month but I finally intergrated my new boy and he is loving it. Cookie and Bean have become his dads and the other one, well, they allow each other to exist.
  3. R

    How do I convince parents to allow rat

    Hello, I have been graced with the fantastic opportunity to take care of a rat for breaks including summer. However, my parents despise rats and think that that people will judge them for having one. How do I respectfully convince them to allow rats into the house.
  4. S

    Amoxicillin dosage for my rats

    My rats have a URI and so I'm going to give them amoxicillin. Moody is 66g and Ollie is 83g. I know the dosage is 20-30mg/kg and the concentration of the amoxicillin is 250mg. Ive tried putting this info into a calculator but im getting weird numbers. If anyone could help me figure out how much...
  5. kalliedoss2022

    New rats not going to well

    We got 2 new 5 months old male rats yesterday. They poop every time we take them out of the cage. They don’t like to be taken out of their cage and they will grab onto the cage wires when I try to take them out. Help please their transitions is not moving as smoothly as it should and I need...
  6. georgina

    Help please! my rats depressed

    Hi, I am so sorry for the long post but I really really need some advice, my old man blue died 2 Sundays ago I did know this was going to happen as he was well past his age so it was expected, but my baby boy buddy 2yrsold died on sunday a straight week after blue died, I was soo confused and...
  7. S

    Why is my Pet Rat attacking sick Rat?

    I have two pet rats. Daisy and Charmander. On November 26, 2018 Daisy gave birth to Charmander and they have been best friends ever since. Daisy is a year and 4 months old and Charmander is a 11 month old neutered Male. Recently Daisy was diagnosed by the Vet with an inner ear infection. She...
  8. W

    Having problems introducing young rats to older rats

    About 2 months ago, I got 2 young rats. I've been trying to get my 3 other rats (almost all a year old) with them comfortably, but they keep trying to (and have) hurt my younger ones. When I've placed them all into a smaller space, they didn't have any issues with fighting. Even during their...
  9. S

    Please help? Ear mites??

    EDIT: I also read that sometimes a rat diet high in protein can cause scabbing? Is there a chance that the scabbing is not from mites? I haven't been in contact with other rats. I don't have any other animals. I use fleece bedding and I clean religiously because I have severe asthma. Everything...
  10. A

    Rats dying suddenly??

    Hello last night my husband and I came home and found one of our babies(Uno) (Disturbing warning) eating the body of his brother (Nico.) After the initial shock and anger we realized (Nico) had died of something else and that the brother (Uno) eating him was a natural response to death and...
  11. M

    Three Lovely Boys Need a Home in Southwest Florida!

    Unfortunately, I have to move across the country to the coast and I can't bring my three sweet boys with me as I was originally planning :( and I need someone who can take them ASAP! They HAVE to stay together! They all have very close bonds and I cannot take the idea of them parting from each...
  12. C

    Re-homing two baby rats

    We’re looking to re-home two rats, about 2 months old. One is a dumbo (male) and the other is a hooded (female). My daughter has discovered she’s very allergic. We'd be willing to drive the rats with two separate cages/supplies up to a 60 mile radius of Raleigh, NC to a new home. We were going...
  13. MysticMorgz

    Chronic Porphyrin

    Hi Everyone, first thread here! So I have two male rats (Bernie and Fievel) who are around 9 months old. One morning around 1.5 months ago I noticed some Porphyrin in his right eye and nostril. I took him to the vet, who told me is was most likely an infection in that eye and prescribed...
  14. Kelsey Parker

    Meet Rei-Rei! My beige little fattie rattie.

    Here is sweet little (huge) Rei-Rei. She is either vision impaired or fully blind. Age 1.5 rescue.
  15. R


    I have read that rats are able to eat corn whether it be canned, on the cob, or frozen. I have fed my rats corn in the past but ran out so I bought more when I went to the store. They only had peaches and cream so I got that without any prior research to see if they could eat it, stupidly. I...
  16. Mialee

    Is my rat being bullied?

    I recently adopted 3 rats (all 1 year old). 1 was left at a shelter as a lone rat (Missy) and the other 2 (Coco and Ciara) were adopted as friends for my lone rat. I have successfully done introductions, they have been in their cage for around 1 month now. But I have noticed that Coco and...
  17. W

    Hey There!

    I thought Id introduce myself and my furkids. I own 2 dogs, 1 Siberian husky/pitbull mix and 1 Siberian husky/wolf hybrid. I have 7 cats, a 37 gallon tank full of community fish and last but not least, I have 13 ratties. I hope to make some friends here and learn all I can about my ratties. Here...
  18. Gailrin

    Hello thar! (✿◠‿◠)

    About me, I spend most of my days tending to my girls, hiking, or painting. I love doing Rat related artwork and themes. I'm married with no kids, but a lot of house plants and way more free time than any person should have access too. My meme game is also terrible, I tend to fall behind on...
  19. Mialee


    Hi, So I rescued two female rats to go with my lone female rat and I think one of them may have gone blind in one eye. She had two dark ruby eyes when I got her but suddenly one of her eyes has gone grey. I have included some photos below - does this need vetinary attention? She doesn’t seem to...
  20. Mialee

    HELP with introductions

    I recently got 2 1 year old female rescue rats to go with my 1 year old lone rat (also a rescue). They hit it off straight away, as I’m using the carrier method - which is working really well. I am on stage 4 and they are now in a Furat Plus cage with 1 hammock. They haven’t fought since stage...