Three Lovely Boys Need a Home in Southwest Florida!

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Dec 8, 2018
Unfortunately, I have to move across the country to the coast and I can't bring my three sweet boys with me as I was originally planning :( and I need someone who can take them ASAP!
They HAVE to stay together! They all have very close bonds and I cannot take the idea of them parting from each other.

I love them dearly and would really need someone who loves rats to take them. I'm currently in Sarasota Florida and would need someone to come pick them up from me since I don't have a truck anymore to transport their cage.

They're all very sweet and have distinct personalities. They're all 1 year old and come from the same litter!
The largest boy is Chad, he's white and is all spunk and likes to act tough but he's a sweetie at heart who loves a scratch when he's feeling it. He use to bite when he was younger but hasn't had any issues with people since October. He's very confident and doesn't mind being held but not for too long. He loves treats!

Second largest is Clay, he's very calm and relaxed. He likes to take things slow at his own pace and LOVES a a good scratch behind the ears. He doesn't like being held but he likes having hands around him to scratch him and give him treats. His brothers tend to bully him because he's so submissive.

Smallest is Tolouse, he's brown and has curled fur! He's very timid and jumpy and runs all over the place but is also very curious and is startled easily but he's cute as hell and also loves a good scratch behind the ears when he feels safe. He loves treats like Chad but doesn't really like to be held.

They love love love to eat peas and cheese and sweets sometimes. They also love a hard boiled egg every now and then and they love to be given lots of space to run and hide and explore.

I clean their cage once a week and give them their bedding and they love eating vegetables and peas and carrots and whatnot.

They will come with their 3 story cage and everything in it!
Please I need someone to take them soon! They're very good boys and have great temperaments

Text me at 310-266-3479 NO CALLS or email me at and tell me about yourself!

The cage:

Chad and Tolouse:

Clay and Tolouse:

Tolouse and Chad again:


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