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  1. ShawnD

    Hi, new here, need urgent help, please!

    Hi! I'm new here and reaching out for some urgent advice.❤️ My big boy, Bear (abt 1.5-2 yrs old, and he's a little overweight, fyi) is suffering upper respiratory infection /distress at the moment. Last week he suddenly became worse and I gave him Cefalexin for 2 days until I could see a vet...
  2. R

    need help with dosages

    My rat seems to be having breathing issues. I can reweigh him if needed but I did weight him on January 30th, 2020 and he came to 1:7.7 (pounds : ounces). I do have left over baytril from when my other rat had breathing issues but it is almost 2 months old (on the 20th) so I am wanting to get...
  3. Caitlin

    Respiratory problem not getting better :(

    Hello, one of my rats has had an ongoing respiratory problem that first flared up when he was around six months old and he is now 11 months. He’s been on and off doxy and baytril and the first time the doxy really helped him and he was back to normal within days. the baytril did absolutely...
  4. A

    Medications online? help!

    My vet refuses to give extra doxycycline & enrofloxacin(baytril), I was told by many rat owners to ask for extra to have on hand for emergencies. my vet insists i’ll need to come in for another 400 exams and meds if they have another flare-up. I was told to buy doxy & enro online from a bird...
  5. Kirby

    Rat has bad URI. Any advice is appreciated

    Hi everyone. So my rat Kiri was put on Baytril for a suspected uri a few days ago. 0.18 ml to be exact. At first it seemed to be helping, she started getting her appetite back, drinking on her own, her breathing seemed better and just all around she started seeming stronger. However the pops...
  6. R

    Respiratory Infection?

    One of my boys seems really prone to respiratory issues. He has been treated twice already and he recently started having breathing problems again. He seems to be having trouble breathing. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I don't want him to be having troubles and suffering from it...
  7. B

    When should I switch to Batril if I don't see improvement with Amoxicillin?

    My rat has become sick: he's lethargic, sneezes, and has labored breathing as of yesterday. I've started giving him amoxicillin (250 mg per 7.5 cc, giving him .3 cc every 12 hours), but I read that it doesnt treat mycoplasma. How long should I wait for symptoms to get better before putting him...
  8. Marie Shannon

    Help administering Baytril?

    Hello again! As a quick update earlier today I took my two little ones to the vet due to some frequent sneezes. Although they didn’t exactly have any other signs I’m glad I took them because they both had URIs. I’ve been given liquid Baytril to administer to each of them 1 drop every 12 hours...
  9. DanielZielwolf

    On antibiotics but not responding well

    Hi, One of my rats - Archie - about whom I posted last Sunday, who's been on doxycycline for a while but whose breathing got more raspy a week ago had a respiratory attack on Wednesday. I took him to the vet and she added Baytril 0.26ml to the doxycycline (Vibravet paste 0.1ml) both 2x day...