Respiratory issues & meds not working. Help?


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Jul 22, 2021
Hello. I need advice.
My rats have respiratory problems, I took them to the vet recently. It's not that bad, just some sneezing and porphyrin from nose. I had one more rat who died due to respiratory problems but she had more serious symptoms - sneezing, wheezing, problems with breathing, porphyrin from nose and eyes, tilted head, lethargy.

They're getting medicine (not sure what it is since I didn't ask, but I'm guessing baytril. I can ask the vet tho) twice a day, 0,05 ml. I mix it with a bit of fruit smoothie or peanut butter (with water) on a spoon and make sure they eat it all. They also got some vitamins and deworming paste (just in case). They've been taking the meds for 7 days now (they should be taking them for 10 days in total. So there's only 3 days left. I have some extra medicine but that'll last for like 2 more days). And my concern is that they're not really getting much better (they might be sneezing a lil bit less but I'm unsure, anyways, there's no big change. )

This is a bit stressful since I also lost a mouse due to respiratory problems - I took him to the vet multiple times, he was taking 3 different meds (not all at once of course, the first didn't work - we got prescribed a new one, etc.) But sadly died anyways. It not only cost me lots of money but also stress and nerves. So I might be a bit oversensitive now. And I'm just scared that a situation like this might happen again.
I'm going to take them to the vet again asap, but what should I tell them? Maybe there's something I could recommend? Or ask for specific meds?

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