Rat won't eat, please help.

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Oct 5, 2020
I have had rats for over 10 years now and have never experienced anything like this at all.

One of my girls, Nhym, is just over a year old and recovered from a uri infection around 2 months ago.

Even after recovering she has no interest in eating.

She is so skinny it's heartbreaking, but there's nothing obviously wrong with her.
2 different vet opinions have given her a clean bill of health bar the weightloss.
Her breathing is fine, she has so much energy still and hops about the place like a maniac.

She has no signs of infection, distress or even any pain whatsoever , she just doesn't want to eat. Her mouth, teeth etc are all fine, so is her coordination and hand movements, bright eyed, ears to attention, whiskers full etcetc.

She will occasionally eat a cheerio if she feels like it, she has maybe half a tablespoon of runny weighupbaby, or baby food, etc a day but she is genuinely not interested in the slightest.

She gets along well with her cage mates, never scraps and is always doing the rounds cuddling with different individuals.

I have tried all foods invented ever and she wants nothing, jam, peanut butter, cheese, cream, fish, noodles, pasta, avocado, baby food, porridge, eggs, and about a billion others, if you can think of it I've tried it; she do not want.
Even the treats from pets at home filled with sugar and the like, malt paste etc she has no interest.

I fear she may not last much longer if she doesn't start to actually eat and put some weight on, is there anything I can give her to make her hungry ? The vets were unsure so does anyone have any advice or any insight whatsoever into what else I can do to make her hungry or what might be going on with her?
No signs of pit tumour or anything else as I say, she's perfectly happy the only way you could tell there is something wrong is how skinny she is.

Bar force feeding her liquidy foods, which I don't think will take well (as I say she's a hopper) I'm at a total loss.

I don't want to loose my baby to whatever this is, as I say never experienced anything even remotely comparable to this, she don't wanna eat.

Please help , and thankyou for your time. X


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Jul 21, 2007
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Can you upload a video to youtube or somewhere like that and link the video here? We might see something from long experience with our rescues.

Is she actively losing weight or just really thin and won't gain?

Her breathing might be clear but does she have a sucked in gut appearance and/or a harder chest overall? There would be less give when you squeeze than a healthy rat.

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