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  1. B

    My Rat wont Eat

    A couple weeks ago I took my 2 year old rat to the vets just to check on her breathing. The vet said she was perfectly find nothing to worry. So I went home and just went day by day. I noticed she wasn't really eating and drinking little and acting a little weird. I decided to weigh her and she...
  2. Jebbsie

    Rat won't eat, please help.

    I have had rats for over 10 years now and have never experienced anything like this at all. One of my girls, Nhym, is just over a year old and recovered from a uri infection around 2 months ago. Even after recovering she has no interest in eating. She is so skinny it's heartbreaking, but...
  3. R

    30 grams - Weight loss

    I brought my rat to the vet about two weeks ago and when they weighed her she was 285 grams. Last night I noticed she seemed thin so I weighed her again and she is now weighing in at 255 grams. I am wondering if this is a normal amount of fluctuation, or if I should start to worry? I have not...