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  1. TanniH


    So my new baby rats have been biting. So I’m trying to do the spoon technique where you squeak when they bite it. I’m introducing soft food to the spoon so they’ll learn to lick instead of bite. I’ve been bitten twice by one of them. But the only food they seem to like is Cauliflower cheese baby...
  2. MN Rat Pack

    is oxbow garden safe?

    Hello, My rats prefer the Oxbow Garden diet over the original. however, the ingredients include two types of grasses... does that count as hay?
  3. 16kacha

    Rat mix?

    Hi- i was just curious if anyone makes their rats mixes for their food. I would obviously still feed them oxbow but wanted to see if anyone does it.
  4. Olympia✨

    Are these safe ingredients?

    Wheatberries (39%) (contains Gluten) (Water, Wheatberries), Red Rice (19%) (Water, Red Rice), Freekeh(contains Gluten) (19%) (Water, Freekeh), Black Barley(contains Gluten) (9%) (Water, Black Barley), White Quinoa (9%) (Water, White Quinoa), Olive Oil I’m looking at this microwaveable grain mix...
  5. 16kacha

    Old Rat foods?

    Does anyone know what to feed an older rat to help keep weight on them, but isnt too much protien for their kidneys?
  6. Rat-a-tata

    Stealing food from cage mates mouth

    Hi all, I’ve been looking online, and on the forums on here for some information but with no success, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I have 3 girls - Poppy, 3, and Milly, and Moo, both 6 months. Milly and Moo were introduced to Poppy when they were 8 weeks old...
  7. oasisandbambi

    Rat food

    Hello! I need help from someone who knows a little about rat diet? I made a post about this a while ago and no one replied so please any kind of help is great. Im from Europe and the only good Rat food I could find was Science Selective. It was a great food until they changed the recipe and made...
  8. R

    Safe food for rats

    I am going shopping for groceries and such and I wanted to get more fresh foods for my rats. I wanted to try other things than what I usually give them. What are some fresh foods that you feed your rats that are proved to be safe for them? I heard that rats can eat kiwi, is that true? I also...
  9. Kyn

    Oxbow Regal Rat for Young Rats?

    I have three boys who are a little over 8 weeks old. Right now, I feed them the adult formula of Oxbow Regal Rat. I looked into getting them the young rat and mouse formula of Oxbow's, but wasn't too impressed with the ingredients (corn, etc.) Since baby rats need more protein than adults, I've...
  10. R

    I'm just curious

    I was curious about a few things. I know that everyone cares for their animals differently. I just wanted to see all the different answers I might be able to get. Feel free to answer as many or as little questions as you would like. How many rats do you have? What are their names? How old are...
  11. R

    Ran out of rat food

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have run into a situation. I give my boys Oxbow brand adult rat food and I noticed that I was getting low so I went to the shop to go buy more but they are out. When asked, the worker said that they won't be getting any for about a week and a half from today...
  12. R

    New to Rats

    I am a first time rat owner. Ive had my girls for about a month now. I have a couple of questions that Im hoping someone can answer for me. 1. This is the cage my rats are in They always pee on the third level of the cage and as a result my room always stinks. Even if I wipe that level down...
  13. K

    Oxbow rat food

    i know this sounds really weird but anyways, I have 8 rats atm and I’ve always fed them oxbow essentials rat food I always bought the small 3lb bags till one day I saw on amazon a 20lb bag so I got that cuz i go through the 3lb bags sooo fast. Ever since I got the 20lb bag my rats have been...
  14. Olympia✨

    Soaking rat blocks? (+massive picky eaters)

    My two 8 m/o rats have always hated their rat blocks, at this point I’ve must have tried at least 6 or so brands. I’ve realised that if I soak the blocks (I’m currently using Burgess, but I actually just ordered some Beaphar+ ones which I haven’t tried) they tend to pick at it and eat bits of...
  15. 16kacha


    Can someone tell me how long the inside of a pumpkin lasts in the fridge? We carved pumpkins and i saved the insides for my rats but i cant find how long it will last before i need to toss it.
  16. Olympia✨

    Burgess Excel Rat Food?

    Has anyone tried it? I’m in the U.K. so can’t access Oxbow or Teklad (Harlan.) I use to buy the (in my opinion) best quality rat food we have in the U.K. which was called Science Selective and my boys enjoyed it for a few months before they stopped eating it. At first I thought it was because...
  17. Noel


    Hi everybody! This is Rinky's mom, Noel. Can anyone tell me if I have to cook broccoli before giving it to my rat, Rinky? Also, while I'm here, he seems to be a fussy little eater! Example, when I give him spinach, he actually takes it out of his food bowl to get the things on the bottom and...
  18. Ratmama17

    Big Girl is Hiding Food...

    I have 3 female rats in a double CN because I plan to get more Ratties eventually and decorate this cage like crazy! Immie is my sweet old girl (I actually don't know her age because I rescued her from a pet store where she was being sold as an unwanted pet in a 10 gallon tank with a topper) and...
  19. R

    WANTED ceramic food bowls (new)

    if u have any for a cheap price let me know
  20. Jessica marie

    Food preparation

    I have another silly newbie question...almost all of the gazillion things I've read say that I should freeze their food for 24 hours to make sure any parasites die. My problem is that I don't want to have nothing for them to eat while I'm "cleaning" their food. I know that when we bring...