Rat Being Left Out? Should I add a new friend?

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Feb 28, 2019
I have three young girl rats and I'm becoming a little concerned that one may be getting left out or excluded from the group. I see her being pushed out of beds by her sisters, and the two sleeping in different places than her every now and then. I have always felt that the two girls have had a stronger bond together than with my other girl, Angel, since the day I got them. It's becoming more apparent nowadays. Should I be considering getting another girl to help her feel more accepted or leave it be?

I was told by the breeder that she keeps them in threes but that may have been a trick to get me to buy three...


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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
yes you could get another girl. If from a different place then you will want to quarantine her.
If so you will need to gradually intro them unless all are under 12 weeks old
Info on doing a proper intro is in the Reference Thread
You may want to get at least 2 more because it takes time to quarantine and to do a proper intro

You should be aware that it is important to spay girls to prevent several health issues - it is best if done by 4 months old. See the Reference Thread for information

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