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  1. Bloop

    Butterball is excessively grooming.

    Hello all! So I have four boys: Butterball (The lad in question) Dumpling(Brother purchased from breeder at the same time) Moose + Chip (Brothers added a month later for reasons I will explain below) When I first got Butterball and Dumpling, Butterball always seemed very timid compared to...
  2. D

    Beginner owner in need of help

    I posted this on Reddit but thought I should share on here as well. I got my first rats (2 males) after a long time of researching and saving up! According to the breeder, they were about 1.5 months old when I got them. Sunday will be 2 weeks since I’ve had them and they’ve settled in for the...
  3. T

    Possiboe injury

    My daughters rat has a scratch/cut on her tail and has seemed a little less active. Just noticed today. No other marks or anything. She is otherwise fine aside from not being quite as active and having the possible injury on her tail. Should we be concerned.
  4. Furryfuzzbucket

    Chatty Ratty

    3 days ago I felt in love with this little girl at the pet store. I brought her home with the assurance that aside from her not really having been socialized with people, that the sound she has been making (which made me fall in love with her) she has making ever since they got her in a month...
  5. Camelidae4


    I got my first rats in 2018. My first round of ratties were males that I rescued from a local animal shelter. After they passed, I got a round of females that were about a month old. They are now just over a year old and I love them so much. I have a degree in the biological basis of animal...
  6. Camelidae4

    Why does my rat have a curled tail?

    Hello, I've had a few rats and I had never seen one with a curled tail, but one of my girls has had a curled tail since a few months old. Does anyone know why? I've read it can be due to having too small of a wheel or something similar but we don't own a wheel. I've also read something about...
  7. CaptainCavanaugh

    General advice?

    Wasn’t sure where exactly to put this since I wanted to combine a bunch of questions in to one big post. I want to give my ratties a good life, and maybe spoil them a bit. I know I could always google things, but I love the individual advice I get ^^ y’all are wonderful! first off, I’ve only...
  8. Ashlyn

    Introducing younger rats to older rat

    I'm a first time rat owner. I'm struggling to introduce an older rat, Davos, to two younger rats, Stannis and Roose. A couple of weeks ago, a friend tells me she needs her rat re-homed because her dogs would terrorize him whenever they could in the three weeks she had him. When I started with...
  9. L

    Baby rat behavior?

    I have about two month old baby rats currently and I’m fine with however they act, whether they are more curious or more cuddly, but I am wondering when they start behaving older and less jumpy? I have males which I know tend to be calmer. What’s everyone’s experience with how baby rats act as...
  10. Devon Picard


    Hello! I have four boys living together. They're 9 months old now. It looks like the three bigger ones are picking on the small one, Dobby. Dobby has bite and scratch marks on his back and around his neck. No one else seems to have them. They have normally get along. I havent seen fights where...
  11. Tesslalala

    Rat biting at his own front paws?

    I'm not sure if this is behavior or health but I have a rat who's about 4 months old who's been pulling at his front paws with his teeth like they're itchy, he's does it pretty frequently and he doesn't seem to be doing any damage so I'm not overly concerned, it just seems odd. I have 2 others...
  12. Angelrattie

    New Rat Owner Questions (A LOT)

    Should I be keeping the TV or radio on to get the rats used to some noise or will they get used to louder sounds on their own? How do I get my rats to stay on my bed? I feel like since they hate me so much they’ll try to get off the bed to avoid me. Does it mean rats trust you if they eat food...
  13. Angelrattie

    Rat Being Left Out? Should I add a new friend?

    I have three young girl rats and I'm becoming a little concerned that one may be getting left out or excluded from the group. I see her being pushed out of beds by her sisters, and the two sleeping in different places than her every now and then. I have always felt that the two girls have had a...
  14. K

    New Rat Momma Needs Help!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to ask about my two rats Uno and Scabbers. Uno was a feeder rescue and was taken in by me first. The second rat Scabbers I bought from a pet store because I kept reading all over the internet that he needed a friend. Well Uno and Scabbers got along fine for about a week...
  15. A

    Are my rats content?

    I was given two rats yesterday by my friend, who bought them from a woman so they wouldn't be used as feed rats. I went to petco to buy everything (I hope) they needed. They're both males, we were told they're brothers. I just want to make sure they're content and don't need anything else. They...
  16. Cheyenne

    Aggressive Rat

    Hey guys! New member and first time poster. A little background, When I met my boyfriend over a year ago he had 5 rats. Two older feeder boys he took in with his ex, and three baby boys. His ex has the two big boys and we have the initially VERY timid baby’s (Puar, Mickey, Kush). I’ve been...
  17. K

    New Rats help

    hey so I’ve only had my rats for 4 days and trying to learn as much as I can about them. One of my rats keeps hiding away and doesn’t really like coming out unless I have a grape. He bit my partner on the first day. I assume he’s just shy. Is there anything I can do to help him and calm him down...
  18. Y

    Aggressive issues with my adult male to my 6 month old male

  19. Marie Shannon

    New baby boys

    Hello everyone, I’m both new to the Rat Shack as well as rat owning in general. Just yesterday I brought in two baby boys from a store where they were plan to be used as feeder rats for snakes and other reptiles. They’re still fairly young but I’m not entirely sure of their exact age. So far...
  20. Witchand2rats

    Help with Chewing lp

    So I really need some help or advice with these two girls because I've never had a problem with my previous four rats that I've had in the past. I have had to buy 3 different cage bottoms for the bottom of my girls' cage because they will not stop chewing the corners of the cage wide open. One...