Hello All, New Here!

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Apr 18, 2019
Hellooo all of The Rat Shack!

I'm Dawn, and I'm pretty excited that I finally found a nice online/universal rat forum community!
I'm technically a seasoned rat mommy-- I say "technically" cause it's been a few years now since I had pet rats, but I had them for a LOOOONG stretch of time for a good portion of my life when I was younger-- before we moved to SC, where we still currently live!

I also say technically cause I know, as healthy as my babies were in the past, I can improve what I do, what I feed them, etc, so any future babies I have are even happier and healthier!
I definitely plan and hope to learn more tricks and tips here before I get into having pet rats again~ Along with just enjoying a nice community and seeing other cute pet ratties~ !

Currently, I have a pet noodle and two fluffy pet noodles, AKA Ferrets~
I love them to all heck and back again. XD Peanut, Bell and Mopani are my babies! Though...The more I play with my ferrets, the more I just...Have begun to miss my ratty babies as well.
Eventually, when the time comes, I will likely get right back into it again and happily adopt some rats, but until then I'll just gladly poke around here instead~

Just saying hi~ ! X3