introducing myself

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  1. R

    Glad to be here

    Hello, my family told me to join a rat forum because they were tired of hearing about rats constantly. I have never realy been part of a forum before and am excited. A little about me I have loved rats for as long as could remember when I was little I was obsessed with Michael Jackson so one day...
  2. ThatOneOverthinker

    Hello All, New Here!

    Hellooo all of The Rat Shack! I'm Dawn, and I'm pretty excited that I finally found a nice online/universal rat forum community! I'm technically a seasoned rat mommy-- I say "technically" cause it's been a few years now since I had pet rats, but I had them for a LOOOONG stretch of time for a...
  3. Ashleigh


    Hi, and thank you for letting me join your ranks. My name is Ashleigh, and I've grown up with pet rats most of my life. The past year I've played rat mom to my boy Oddball, who is a hairy hairless. And just last night I took on two new hairy boys naned Mac and Cheese from a not great situation...
  4. Kenia Vilchis

    Pepper and Kiwi

    My name is Kenia and these two donut holes are around 5 months. Their names are Kiwi and Pepper.
  5. ViciousCurse

    Finally making my Intro thread

    Hey, I'm a new member, I'm sure you've seen me around, but I've been too shy to formally introduce myself. I live in the States, Minnesota specifically. I'm currently under about three feet of snow thanks to the snowiest February in MN's history... I've managed to keep myself from not freezing...