1. E

    New Rat Mom - Help with Introductions?

    I'm a very new rat mom, so any advice/criticisms would be welcome. Hi! So I've ended up adopting a young (at a guess I'd say he's definitely less than a year old from looking at photos of other rats, but I've no clue on a specific age, I'm afraid) boy rat (Harry) from a family friend. She had...
  2. ThatOneOverthinker

    Hello All, New Here!

    Hellooo all of The Rat Shack! I'm Dawn, and I'm pretty excited that I finally found a nice online/universal rat forum community! I'm technically a seasoned rat mommy-- I say "technically" cause it's been a few years now since I had pet rats, but I had them for a LOOOONG stretch of time for a...
  3. C

    First time owning rats! Help needed!

    Hello! This is my first time owning rats, I have done all the research and have two beautiful boys from the best breeder in my state!!! I have had them for four days, I let the 48 hour period pass and tried to give them treats. After one kept taking treat from my hand I tried to pick him up but...
  4. ssrat

    Is my young rat male or female? (Pics)

    Helloo! I bought my newest baby exactly a week ago and this has kept me up at night. This is what the pet store told me: They do not guarantee sex, but the employee I was speaking to said, in his opinion, this baby is a male. I asked how old ratty is, the employee asked, I'm assuming, the...
  5. Marie Shannon

    Congestion after Baytril?

    Hello there, I have some fairly young rats (perhaps a few months old) that were supposed to be feeders from a snake shop. When I got both of them they had upper respiratory infections as diagnosed by the vet. I got dosages of Baytril and was sent on my way. I made sure they both got their...
  6. Marie Shannon

    Help administering Baytril?

    Hello again! As a quick update earlier today I took my two little ones to the vet due to some frequent sneezes. Although they didn’t exactly have any other signs I’m glad I took them because they both had URIs. I’ve been given liquid Baytril to administer to each of them 1 drop every 12 hours...
  7. Marie Shannon

    Potential respiratory infection?

    Hello everyone! I have two baby rats, both boys, that I recently purchase from a reptile store where they were meant to be feeder rats. I’ve given them a day or two to adjust but I’ve noticed that one of them seems to be sneezing quite a bit. I’ve heard occasional sneezes from the other but the...
  8. Marie Shannon

    New baby boys

    Hello everyone, I’m both new to the Rat Shack as well as rat owning in general. Just yesterday I brought in two baby boys from a store where they were plan to be used as feeder rats for snakes and other reptiles. They’re still fairly young but I’m not entirely sure of their exact age. So far...
  9. Rach Manatee

    Nelly and Pheobe

    These are my two ratties. Nelly is the all black and Pheobe is the white with black spot and head. They are about 8 months old now. These pictures are kinda old
  10. Mr.Biggiesworth

    Just joined & 1st time posting on the internet! Hi!

    Hi Everyone, I’ve recently joined as I find I browse through website a lot & maybe it’s about time I try something I haven’t done before: join an internet group and post. And yes, I’m nervous haha. So please pardon if I’ve done this wrong or make errors, I’m a 100% beginner at this! I...
  11. sampeartree

    New rat owner - rats want nothing to do me!

    I just got my first 2 rats on Friday (today is Sunday so barely 3 full days). They're 6 weeks old and I got them at a locally owned independent pet store that sells them as either feeders (but plenty of people buy them as pets) so maybe my problem is that they weren't socialized at all. I guess...