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  1. Kye

    Debating getting him PTS

    My old man Tobi is basically 2 years now. Never been really sick and was treated once as a baby (8 weeks) he was acting a little off yesterday and today he's... Well the video shows it. He has barely eaten any baby food- it's the only thing we can get in him right now.
  2. zJoker

    Trying to identify unusual behaviour

    Hello! Hope everyone is safe and is doing well :) Would like some advice and/or thoughts on some unusual behaviour that my rat has been displaying :( I've already booked a vet appointment for Monday but I'm hoping to see if anyone has any experience with this and offer advise for anything I...
  3. jaymbsa

    is my rat just getting old?

    i have a pair of sisters and i’ve noticed over the last few weeks one of them becoming kind of lethargic? She still runs up when i open the cage, eats, drinks, cleans herself, and will take treats but is overall becoming much less active but her sister is just as energetic as always. they’re...
  4. Jon D


    One of my boys *about 5 months* is sick and I dont know what's happening to him! His sister died in the same way not long ago!! We woke up and he was just lethargic and drooling, he also looked like he was trying to regurgitate. We waited it out and then took him to a vet. They couldn't find out...
  5. B

    His back legs & tail are unresponsive

    We have two male rats: BB and Simi. Simi has been the more aggressive / dominant rat in his 1.5 years. They both stay in a large three-story cage in my son’s room. Yesterday we found Simi curled up in a ball gaunt and a quarter of his normal size. His back legs and tail are unresponsive...
  6. Olympia✨

    Rat very lethargic day after tumour removal surgery.

    I posted a thread the other day with some pre surgery questions but now I need some help with aftercare. Obi had a tumour removed from under his arm yesterday, we got home and all was fine, he was drinking and eating. That was until about 11pm when he managed to (what I thought) ripped his...
  7. R

    Making a clicking noise and breathing heavy. URI?

    Okay guys things seem to have taken a turn for the worst :( My rat Subie is not being as active as normal and she's making a clicking noise almost constantly. She seems to be breathing heavy and she keeps sitting in the same spot breathing hard for long periods of time. I started noticing this...
  8. T

    Somebody anybody please help my female rat she has hemorrhoids or something more serious

    Her name is Lilith and she's about 2 years old. This all started in November her butt started bleeding pretty bad late one night we initially thought it was an anal prolapse but after cleaning her up and giving her a night of rest everything started to look semi normal the next morning we talked...
  9. Freya

    Lethargic new rat

    Hi all, I'd be grateful for any advice. I brought a pair of boys home today (rehomed, they're already one) and one seems really lethargic and only interested in sleeping in his little house. The other one is quite axacti and inquisitive. Do you think it's just because he's had a stressful day...
  10. Christopia

    lethargic seeming rat (im worried)

    Hello! My rat Spoon has been kinda lethargic lately but other than that nothing else? I have another rat that is her sister so she isnt alone, she is probably around a month or 2 old, she has toys to play with, she eats and drinks normally, and her breathing seems normal. She just likes to kinda...