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  1. azara

    Not sure how to procceed with introductions

    Hello, thanks for reading. I'm currently in the process of introducing 2 baby rats to my older boy of 1.5 years after his brother passed away. I am using the carrier method but haven't been able to move onto the next stage for almost 3 weeks now. (started intros 4 weeks ago) At this point I'm...
  2. E

    New Rat Mom - Help with Introductions?

    I'm a very new rat mom, so any advice/criticisms would be welcome. Hi! So I've ended up adopting a young (at a guess I'd say he's definitely less than a year old from looking at photos of other rats, but I've no clue on a specific age, I'm afraid) boy rat (Harry) from a family friend. She had...
  3. W

    Having problems introducing young rats to older rats

    About 2 months ago, I got 2 young rats. I've been trying to get my 3 other rats (almost all a year old) with them comfortably, but they keep trying to (and have) hurt my younger ones. When I've placed them all into a smaller space, they didn't have any issues with fighting. Even during their...
  4. R

    How long to wait to introduce after loss?

    I had two rats. Last night one of them passed away in their sleep. I knew she was nearing the end of her life as she had been terminally ill for a long time and was becoming lethargic and losing weight rapidly. I was unsure of when she would go but she passed away sometime last night. Me and...
  5. S


    hi guys! I’m not a native English speaker, but since this is one of the only forums with a lot of activity, I thought I should join! So I had to put down my old rat a week ago. My other rat, Pepper, is 1,5 years old. I didn’t want to get a rat which is around the same age, because I know that...
  6. Mialee

    Introducing 3 babies to 3 adults

    Hi, I have just bought 3 babies from a breeder in my area to go with my 3 rescue adults. They are 6 weeks old and 2 of them are quite confident but the other little girl is quite timid and has spent most of the time hiding in the corner. She’s the smallest of the group and the breeder said she...
  7. S

    Introduction with little hairless rat

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted my first hairless rat (named Ophelia) who is just the sweetest little baby ever. I got her at 6 weeks old and now she's 7 weeks, and today I tried introducing her to my 5 other 1 year old girls. My girl Elise is the dominant rat and has always been a bit rough...
  8. Mialee

    HELP with introductions

    I recently got 2 1 year old female rescue rats to go with my 1 year old lone rat (also a rescue). They hit it off straight away, as I’m using the carrier method - which is working really well. I am on stage 4 and they are now in a Furat Plus cage with 1 hammock. They haven’t fought since stage...
  9. 16kacha


    I read the Introduction section a member posted, I also has a thread where I wanted to see others experiences. I went back to it and no one has answered, so here I am again. I started intros about 5 days ago. I did it everyday for 20 minutes. the first 2 days it was puffy fur then the next 2...
  10. 16kacha


    Hi, i was curious to see if anyone tried the neutral territory intoduction which didnt end well but tried the carrier method instead and it ended up going well? Do you have preferred methods?
  11. Y

    Aggressive issues with my adult male to my 6 month old male

    Hey guys! So first time posting here and i'm in need of some help! A few months ago my adult male (Bud) was in need of a new cagemate so I went out and got Norton who i believe was 8 weeks at the time. So i took him home, did the quarantine and was ready to start introductions..I started...
  12. Jposs

    Lone rat

    This is Sam and Mouse I had two intact males together for 2 years. One just passed and the second was devastated. I decided to get him a big family to cheer him up. First I brought home two unaltered boys about 4 months old. They are not related. Introductions went swimmingly. Sam , my old man...
  13. Rach Manatee

    Nelly and Pheobe

    These are my two ratties. Nelly is the all black and Pheobe is the white with black spot and head. They are about 8 months old now. These pictures are kinda old
  14. Rattiroo

    Looking for Reassurance

    This is only me second introduction so of course I’m a bit of a nervous wreck, and I’m just looking for some reassurance I suppose. I adopted a 5 (ish?) month old boy (Odin) from a local rescue as a companion to my 29 month old spayed girl, the last of my previous mischief. I was able to get...
  15. A

    Trouble with introductions

    I have three girls, two of them live together and the other was in quarantine for lice. She is a rescue, she was surrendered to my local pet shop in a tiny cage by herself. She is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to people, loves playing and giving kisses. When it comes to other rats, it's a...
  16. erin’s rat pack

    2 very aggressive rats? HELP?

    Need some help with my boys! I have 4 rats altogether but they’re all pretty much in separate cages. I recently adopted two 1 year old males (Ash and Kiwi) in hopes of introducing them to my other rat Dakota (also around 1 year old) who just recently lost his brother. Dakota has not taken to...
  17. Ratmama17

    Big Girl is Hiding Food...

    I have 3 female rats in a double CN because I plan to get more Ratties eventually and decorate this cage like crazy! Immie is my sweet old girl (I actually don't know her age because I rescued her from a pet store where she was being sold as an unwanted pet in a 10 gallon tank with a topper) and...
  18. MintyGamer

    Hi! :3 Wanna meet all my buddies?

    Hello! Im not sure what to say here exepex hi lol That and to tell you guys about my babies, of course!! I have 11 rats (amount explained in a moment), 3 mice, a hamster, 2 ferrets, 6 gueanea pigs, 6 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 reptiles (crested gecko and bearded dragon) Rats; Pauper; the mildly evil...
  19. R

    Introductions- 2 females

    so today we tried to bring our 2 month old together with the 2 year old. the cage was cleaned up and down. introductions occurred on a rug for a week. they lived above/below each other for a week. the only thing left in the cage was the babies box since the hole was only big enough for her...
  20. I

    Tips on how to successfully introduce a (seemly) aggressive rat?

    A month ago I got a new rat to be cage mates with mine, after his original cage mate unfortunately passed away. They're about half a year apart in age. but whenever the newer one (Tobias) sees him (Megi) he goes all "crazy" in his cage and starts frantically scratching at the bars :/. So much so...