1. S

    Please help!!! I don't know what to do!! Possible broken foot.

    Hi, I really need advice, my rat fell off his cage today and his foot is super swollen, has cuts in it, and a little purple. I’m going to try and take him to the vet but how do I know if it’s just a sprain or broken I really wish I could just know and help him): I’m really worried because he...
  2. 3stinkyrats

    Change in my pet rats behaviour

    So I have 3 rats who have been together since birth. They were all perfectly fine and they loved me once they had been at my home in their cage after about 2 months (they are now about 10 months old) but recently one of my rats has been acting really different. She comes up to me when I'm with...
  3. Ratty94minibear

    Help! My newer rat is injured and won't come out from under fridge

    I've had borris and bendy for just under a month now. Borris ended up escaping while I was cleaning their cage and ended up under my fridge. I've had so many rats before so at first I know to leave food and water and attempt to lure or in a safe manner manage to trap him. Until today I was...
  4. R

    Help!!! I need to know if this rat is male or female!

    I'm not sure how old it is, but I asked for a crawler. I recently bought it a friend, who is definitely a male. I really don't want any babies, considering I am quite new to owning rats. So please please help me!
  5. J

    My to new dumbo rats are very skittish.

    Hello! I just recently bought two babies from a breeder. I believe that the breeder didn't really take the time to handle them enough. They get very scared easily and I know they will adjust, but I have a few questions about what I should be doing to help them. Muck is the most skittish, and I...
  6. destiny seymour

    Possibly broken bone? HELP!:(

    Okay so, one one older rat had gotten an ear infection and we had to travel a to a vet for him, we were fine for a day. All my girls and boys were all out and running around before I left Friday night. When I got back Saturday evening I check my boys all ran up for kisses and then treats, after...
  7. Nataly

    Possible Aggression?

    Hi again, so a couple of days ago (Monday?) I was feeding Jack from my hand but I had to go do something and started to pull my hand away slowly and he started to act frantic. He shoved as much food in his mouth as he could and started shrieking. I was startled since I’ve never heard him shriek...