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Oct 1, 2023
Hello, this is my first post, haven't really gotten the hang yet, but I hope someone can help. One
of my boys, Bubbles, isn't doing too well.
He started getting bald spots and scratched his skin open a little in a few spots about a month ago. When I went to the Vet, he told me that I should add some oil for his hair
and skin to his food, since the other 3 didn't have any issues. After my mom took care of them when I went on vacation this week, I noticed, that his fur was still not in good condition, even though the vet told me the
oil should start working after a few weeks. He has also developed breathing noises and I know how fast things can go south with rats respiratory issues. I tried to help him get more comfortable till we can go to the vet
tomorrow by giving him dilutet tea and letting him use the nebulizer for half an hour. He calmed down after that and has some good episodes without sneezing and breathing silently. He is eating, enjoying himself in
the cage, playing with his brothers and climbs on my arm as usual. My vets office is not really familiar with rats, he told me himself, but I noticed it the first time went there, when his colleague made a comment about
my rat somewhat like: "wow, you are surprisingly kinda adorable." He told me to maybe find a vet with better knowledge about rats, I tried so hard to find one, but the closest one is an hour away. I am not sure if the
long drive would put his already weak immune system into even more stress. I don't care about the gas money or anything, I want him to get better, but he squeaks in pain when I pick him up because of his wounds and he
doesn't handle car rides or vet visits good anyways.
Should I take one of his brothers with me to give him an emotional support buddy? I thought about taking all my knowledge to the old vet and ask for a skin test to determine what is going on and for an x ray and some antibiotics for his breathing.
I just love my little guys so much, this breaks my heart...


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Jul 24, 2023
He might have mites. Its a good idea to bring an emotional support buddy. EIther way, please go to the vet. A respiratory infection will not heal on its own, and the longer you wait, the more likely it is your rat passes or suffers permanent damage to his airways.

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