1. Triss

    Ferret cage?

    I currently have a ferret in a Savic Suite Royal cage with fleece linings that I change and wash often. The bar spacing is about 1.5 cm. Could I keep rats in this cage? Obviously when my ferret passes away. I love her but she is getting old and when she is gone I want to go back to keeping...
  2. S

    My girls don't trust me :(

    Hey all new rat mom of 12 and very much in need of some pointers getting my girls to trust me. I talk to all of them in the room often so they get use to my voice and hopefully associate it with safe good vibes. I have two cages setup one with 5 boys one with 6 girls and one on her own at the...
  3. M

    Is the middle panel in the 'Little Zoo Trekker' removable?

    I'm thinking about buying this enclosure, but I would want to remove the middle panel to give it a more active layout. Can anyone who owns this cage or has owned this cage tell me whether or not I can remove it? Thank you so much!
  4. Henishry

    Rat suddenly erratic

    Hello everyone, This morning while cleaning my girls cage, I noticed that my 22ish month old rat was behaving very different. She was running around her cage very erratically. She will occasionally run in circles and her back legs seems to be a bit weak. All together she seems unstable. I took...
  5. Janean Van Beckum

    Martin's cage door

    We recently got a Martin's R-695 and I hate the doors. The latches are very hard to open. Has anyone come up with a hack for the latches? Not only do they hurt my fingers, they bend the cage sides. And, I have to do all the rat chores as my daughter can't get them open. She is 8 and they are...
  6. B


    In my home it is 73f and the humidity is at a constant 23% and i can not get it up. I have a humidifier and i was reading about the humidifier and noticed it says Ultrasonic. Now im wondering if my rat is in discomfort. i have only been using it for less than a day so im not sure. please help...
  7. Kye

    Cage biter.!

    I hope I put the on the right area if not I'm sorry- I got a new baby a few weeks ago and named her Freya.. She's with my other gals and there are zero problems except for one thing... She's decided that the cage bars are her chew toy.! I thought it meant she wanted to come out so I opened the...
  8. Zesana

    Critter nation bars

    I plan on getting a critter nation super soon, before I bring rat babies home. I just want to double check that the bar spacing will be small enough that the new babies won't escape. I think you can bring them home as early as 6 weeks old?
  9. Zesana

    Cage Location

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and had a question. A little background, I had rats growing up and am finally able to add them to my life again but it's been so so so long since I had them that I have questions lol. I don't have them yet but am preparing so I can get them in the next month or so...
  10. R

    New Cage Questions?

    I am buying my two girls a new and much bigger cage. I am wondering if I need to introduce them to the new cage slowly? They've lived in the same cage their whole life so I'm wondering if they'll have a hard time adjusting to their new home? I am also wondering what the recommended bar spacing...
  11. O

    Clean cage! (+cage pic sharing)

    How long does it take everyone to clean their rattie cages? I have a double CN for my two rats and it takes me about 2 hours twice a week as I have some smelly boys!:rolleyes::rolleyes: Post your cage pictures!
  12. L

    I need help with caging!

    So I got two baby rats (6-9 weeks old) and one got out of the cage. Please help me, what do I house them in now????? it took me forever to retrieve him! I need help ASAP on what to keep them in now! I know the cage is fine to keep them in once they’ve grown but I have no idea what to do for the...
  13. S

    Help with choosing a cage (two options)

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to choose between these two cages. I'm definitely on a budget, and would rather put aside money for vet bills than splurge on a CN or FN. Here are two options that I'm considering. A: Prevue Hendryx Flight bird cage...
  14. G

    All living things rat starter kit

    Hello all! I'm getting my first pair of rats and a friend of mine who has kept rats for years is giving me one of her old cages (link at bottom). She says it is fine for two males or three females but I just want to make sure! I put the dimensions into a cage calculator but it says it could...
  15. K

    Looking for Cage in Halton (GTA)

    Hello. I might be getting rats and I’m looking for a good sized cage in the Halton area. If anyone has one or sees any ads on Kijiji or Facebook please let me know. My email is [email protected]
  16. K

    What to clean cage with?

    Hello, I am new to this forum so I apologize if something is done wrong. Anyways, I am possibly getting rats and want to know what I should use for cleaning the cage (like what kind of wipes?) Anything that is unsafe and that I should avoid? Thanks. I live in Ontario by the way so products that...
  17. T

    Fleece in deep pan?

    How do you get a fleece bedding to stay down in a deep pan?
  18. T

    Combining 2 cages

    I am getting my first pair of rats soon and I had bought a pretty decent size bird cage, but the woman I am adopting them from is also selling me a large cage fairly cheap. Rather than throw away the bird cage, I was thinking of combining the two horizontally with a tube. Anyone have any...
  19. S

    Is it good cage?

    I got a hairless rat back in September. She is my first rat, was an impulse buy (sorry) and I knew nothing about rats. Stopped at a pet store on my way home and got a cage (Kaytee). As soon as I got home, I started investigating, and, oh, surprise, you can't keep just one rat alone or they'll go...
  20. MeineRatten

    Our new baby rats are not cage curious, what do we do?

    Three days ago my husband and I got two beautiful baby girls from Futterhaus (pet shop, as there seem to be no breeders in Hamburg, or they are hiding very well). The girls are absolute angels when handled; they don't bite and sleep in a hood if one is offered. However, we are finding that they...