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Janean Van Beckum

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Jul 24, 2018
We recently got a Martin's R-695 and I hate the doors. The latches are very hard to open. Has anyone come up with a hack for the latches? Not only do they hurt my fingers, they bend the cage sides. And, I have to do all the rat chores as my daughter can't get them open. She is 8 and they are technically hers. She isn't happy she can't get her pets out on her own.


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Jul 21, 2007
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I have had several R695s
I never had a problem with the doors and like the fact that they close firmly
Given your daughter's age, imo it is good that she can not open the doors herself because rats are delicate animals and also little escape artists … children need to be supervised when handling small animals such as ratties
If the latches are that difficult, perhaps they need to be bent a bit?

I have never heard of anyone unhappy about the doors before and never heard of anyone creating hacks for them.
There is info on here regarding martins cages, and posts with people's pictures showing how they set the up.
I found that covering the full level with a thick piece of linoleum and covering the balconies with dollar store dish drain trays cut to fit and attached with cable ties worked well for me (since wire floors need to be covered so that they are solid) The only issue I had with the cage is the c-rings, on advice from other martinscage owners I assembled my martins cages with a few hundred zip ties since the c-rings will rust
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Jul 21, 2007
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Can you pry the latch a bit to loosen it up some? Like pry it side ways. I seem to remember I did have to do that to one of mine once. But I do agree with SQ, I would rather not have a child have access to the family pets without any supervision. Having the hard to open latch might be a good thing.
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