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Aug 22, 2018
BC, Canada
Today it’s been 3 months since I adopted my two girls. As I previously mentioned I was already on a trip in a town several hours away and I was looking into getting more rats. I saw an ad for some babies there and I got in touch with the owner. We talked and she seemed fairly experienced in rat care. So I was planning on taking a look while I was there. Long story short, I got there, the entire apartment reeked of smoke and it was obvious the rats hadn’t been socialized properly (she told me they had). At that point I wanted to get the babies out of the situation so I took two. (There were only four left but my mom wasn’t going to allow me to take all of them). Socializing went well for the first month but ever since it has been slow. In the beginning they would run and hide as soon as I entered the room. Now, they come out when I enter and allow me to pick them up. They enjoy coming out to play, however they are still startled very easily and run when I make sudden movements. All the rats I’ve had in the past were socialized within a month or two. It’s never taken this long for me. I’m perfectly aware that some rats taking longer than others and no two rats are the same, however I’m just getting worried. I love them both dearly and want them to be happy and comfortable with me. I just wanted to hear what some people have done in similar situations or if anyone had any tips? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)


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Oct 20, 2018
Aww it's great you got them out of that situation. But if you paid for them that only would have encouraged the owner/breeder to continue like a pet shop.. that's my opinion anyway.
As for socializing, one of my rats took at least 6 months to be comfortable with being picked up-their previous owner never handled them. So I think it's a matter of time until they will get used to ordinary things. It sounds like all is going well though. Just take them out with you for an hour or more a day, as you probably are already doing and do some homework or something while they run around you;)
Hope that helped
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Jul 21, 2007
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I've had some rats that took longer than some but I just allowed them to accept me at their own pace and they always did in the end. CongRATS on your new little ones.

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