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  1. T

    Little shy

    Hiya, so I have two female rats. My one rat Trixie is playful happy and naughty and we have a second rat which is Clara and she’s very shy. When both are let out the cage; trixie will run and cause trouble and Clara will slowly walk somewhere and just hide. Both rats are about 10 weeks old...
  2. kalliedoss2022

    New rats not going to well

    We got 2 new 5 months old male rats yesterday. They poop every time we take them out of the cage. They don’t like to be taken out of their cage and they will grab onto the cage wires when I try to take them out. Help please their transitions is not moving as smoothly as it should and I need...
  3. S

    need help With scared rat(new rat owner

    i recently got two new baby rats and they have been perfectly fine,warming up to me,taking treats and playing around but i recently noticed they were using the other corner of their cage as a bathroom so i switched their hideaway and the litter box and now one rat is burrowed inside the hide...
  4. MeineRatten

    URGENT first rescue WE REALLY NEED HELP!

    Hi guys! We have just gotten our first rescue, three wonderful girls to add to our already existing pair. We have already consulted all the available info on introductions and came up with a plan (a bit later in this post), but today's event put everything into question and frankly, threw me a...
  5. Cheyenne

    Aggressive Rat

    Hey guys! New member and first time poster. A little background, When I met my boyfriend over a year ago he had 5 rats. Two older feeder boys he took in with his ex, and three baby boys. His ex has the two big boys and we have the initially VERY timid baby’s (Puar, Mickey, Kush). I’ve been...
  6. MeineRatten

    Our new baby rats are not cage curious, what do we do?

    Three days ago my husband and I got two beautiful baby girls from Futterhaus (pet shop, as there seem to be no breeders in Hamburg, or they are hiding very well). The girls are absolute angels when handled; they don't bite and sleep in a hood if one is offered. However, we are finding that they...
  7. hannahallie101

    Socializing Rats

    Today it’s been 3 months since I adopted my two girls. As I previously mentioned I was already on a trip in a town several hours away and I was looking into getting more rats. I saw an ad for some babies there and I got in touch with the owner. We talked and she seemed fairly experienced in rat...
  8. Olympia✨

    7 month old rat acting out of character and weary.

    Both my boys are about 6-7 months old, are living together and came from the same litter. Two nights ago after coming home from work (at around 1am) one of my rats, Obi, was extremely skittish and nervous. He didn’t come up to the cage as usual and just stayed hidden behind his exercise wheel...