Rat docs in Central PA?

Discussion in 'Rat Veterinarian Listings' started by Rataganza, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Nov 6, 2018
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    I recently moved to central Pennsylvania, and I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for exotic vets? So far, I've visited one in Altoona, and I have an appointment for one in State College later today. Coming from Wyoming, I am finding their door fees to be absolutely outrageous, but I'd gladly pay if I knew they were competent. The one in Altoona, Lakemont Vet Clinic, was alright, but they didn't take my boy's injury very seriously, and now he's been spot bleeding for a month from the same wound. So, I'll give State College a try and see if they will take it seriously. I have an older rat and two not-quite yearlings, and I'd really like to find a vet I felt cared enough about them to spend more than a rushed 5 minutes with them when they have problems.

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