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Since they are pretty much the same cage, it all applies. But we don't have a CN specific thread... so I'll play along.



They are from Dollarama, a Canadian dollar store chain. You can see from the pics I use them both as litter pans and hidey houses... they are the best!

Check dollar and thrift stores for plastic stacking letter trays. That's what mine are supposed to be (and they are a favourite item of rattie owners around here :D)
Rattie Kisses said:
I wish we had Dollarama's here. I'll still keep my eye open though, thanks! :thumbup:

They have them at the dollar stores here as well!

Here is mine!



I looks soo different now then it did then, I just don't take pics of my set up anymore...I am not sure why..
Litter pans! I had not thought of that at all and was wondering where to get some litter pans that were the perfect size but had a high back so litter didn't go everywhere... !!! I was feeling lazy and only took a picture of the top half of my cage. I'll have to take another picture of both halves when I do their next cleaning. I also have a ton more hammocks now that I have sewed for them.

I have some dollar store cat litter pans that I ended up with, and decided to try them. They are now among my favourite litter boxes.
Our new CN! First setup, brand new EVERYTHING in an attempt to get intros to finally work. :?

From the front:

The top half:

The bottom half:

And from the back, since we have it in an open arch in our apartment:

Our next set is going to be in green and black, mostly, and after that I think rainbows are coming - we got LOTS of fleece as Christmas presents... :happydance: