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Sold 2 Male Rats for Sale

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New Member
Feb 22, 2023
Independence, Mo
I have two young male rats I need to sadly re-home. They will be 1 year old in July. I got them from a breeder but he unfortunately did not properly socialize them as babies, so its been a long road. They are still skiddish but you can hold them. One will nip if you smell like food. I got them as classroom pets but am finding I do not have enough time for them, and moving them back and fourth to my house has deemed stressful on us all. They need a patient, loving home with someone that can give them the attention they deserve. These are PETS, not feeders! They could also make great breeding rats as they have a good disposition and are sweet boys. If interested please reply. All ratty things are included with $40 (obo) re-homing fee. I'd prefer to stay near Independence, Mo when meeting to hand them off.

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