1. SunflowerPop

    7-9 Week Black Hooded Female Needs Rehoming - Denton, TX

    Hi all, I have a 7-9 week old female rat named Cheerio that needs rehoming. She's super sweet and smart! She loves cheerios, hence her name, and will take treats out of hands gently. I'd love her to go to a home with other girls as it is just her currently. She is not yet spayed. Rehoming fee...
  2. odinson

    Canada (Other) 2 young male rats (halfsies), rehome in Ottawa Canada

    2 young male rats need a new home in Ottawa: Rehome for 2 young male rats | Small Animals for Rehoming | Ottawa | Kijiji Cage and accessories included, adoption application and small fee requested
  3. A

    Two males looking for a new home in Durham Region, Ontario

    REHOMED Looking to rehome two standard males - approx 4 mos. old. Located in Port Perry but willing to deliver within surrounding area. Free to a loving home. No supplies included.
  4. M

    Three Lovely Boys Need a Home in Southwest Florida!

    Unfortunately, I have to move across the country to the coast and I can't bring my three sweet boys with me as I was originally planning :( and I need someone who can take them ASAP! They HAVE to stay together! They all have very close bonds and I cannot take the idea of them parting from each...
  5. Yvette F

    Canada (Other) Seeking to rehome two precious female rats (GTA)

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are sad to be unable to take our rats across the country with us as we move to Alberta. I have tried a number of people with regards to rehoming them, but haven’t been able to find anyone. Even if we could bring them to AB (it’s against the law), they wouldn’t...
  6. B

    Male rat to rehome! Moncton NB Canada

    He’s white with black eyes friendly and cute gives kisses. My other rats all hate him so he needs a good home. You must have a cage already and preferably another rat. I don’t want him used as a breeder. Contact me if interested
  7. Freya

    Lethargic new rat

    Hi all, I'd be grateful for any advice. I brought a pair of boys home today (rehomed, they're already one) and one seems really lethargic and only interested in sleeping in his little house. The other one is quite axacti and inquisitive. Do you think it's just because he's had a stressful day...
  8. SepiaPaws

    Rats in need of better home; Portland OR

    I am currently unavailable to take these rats but I would like to promote this ad on craigslist I saw in west portland of these 2 rats needing rehoming; they look to be deprived of any stimulation or anything for their cage (unless the cage decor was removed for pics)...
  9. A

    Hairless rat needa home

    I have an adorable female hairless rat and i love her but i need to find her a new home because i am allergic to her. Located in moreno valley california No i will not ship her Loving pet owners please respond
  10. R

    1 Dumbo Rat Boy in Need of New Home - SEATTLE

    Hi new member here in a bit of a bind! Really mad at myself but I got duped; I needed female rat friend for my current rat ( she was originally a feeder rat so she did not have any litter mates when I adopted her). I managed to find a breeder but I was in a rush when I picked up the rat, and...