1. bruxingbeauties

    I need help | medicine

    I need help finding ways to get my rats to take their medication. One of my girls recently passed away from pneumonia and I have 2 left. They started showing signs that they were sick too so I took them to the vet. They were given medicine and so far biscuit has taken them really easily and is...
  2. Ravien715

    Metacam dose a little excessive?

    Hi I am a new member but had rats for over a year now. Sadly I lost one of my boys this weekend and naturally as anyone else I didn't want to rehome his orphaned brother. I got him two new cagemates who are a lot more sprite and nimble because they're only eight weeks. Long story short my Bob...
  3. PiddlePod

    Awesome website for calculating accurate dosages for medications!

    I've noticed that there are dozens of posts in the Health & General Care forum requesting help with calculating medication dosages. I wanted to share an awesome site with everyone that I have personally used myself many times when I was in a pinch and needed to calculate accurate dosages for...
  4. Caitlin

    Respiratory problem not getting better :(

    Hello, one of my rats has had an ongoing respiratory problem that first flared up when he was around six months old and he is now 11 months. He’s been on and off doxy and baytril and the first time the doxy really helped him and he was back to normal within days. the baytril did absolutely...
  5. O

    Tumour removal surgery tomorrow: what should I ask the vet beforehand and how to prepare for surger?

    Hi all, My rat Obi is going in for a tumour removal finally, it was supposed to be on the 25th but since it’s grown so rapidly he’s going in tomorrow. In about two weeks it’s gone from the size of a marble to a ping pong ball. I wanted to ask you all for some tips on what to ask the vets, I...
  6. ShelbyL92

    Giving medication

    So I have two male rats that keep sneezing. Took them to the vet and she thinks its allergies. But the next day there was porphyrin and sneezing fits. So I got anti biotics to be safe... They are less than 2 months old. Is there a way to give them medication? One brother took it fine the other...
  7. R

    Respiratory Infection?

    One of my boys seems really prone to respiratory issues. He has been treated twice already and he recently started having breathing problems again. He seems to be having trouble breathing. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I don't want him to be having troubles and suffering from it...
  8. B

    When should I switch to Batril if I don't see improvement with Amoxicillin?

    My rat has become sick: he's lethargic, sneezes, and has labored breathing as of yesterday. I've started giving him amoxicillin (250 mg per 7.5 cc, giving him .3 cc every 12 hours), but I read that it doesnt treat mycoplasma. How long should I wait for symptoms to get better before putting him...
  9. DanielZielwolf

    Baytril - all or nothing?

    I have to dose my rat .25ml of Baytril twice a day for 3 weeks (in comb. with Vibravet). He's got a very bad case of mycoplasmosis. Problem is of course getting it into him. I'm hiding it in molten gourmet ice cream but as soon as he gets a hint of the stuff he won't touch anymore. You need...
  10. M

    Young rat with head tilt: help !

    I have a 10 week old rat called Beryl who has had a head tilt for about 2 weeks. She is on baytril two times a day and panacur once but she seems to be getting worse. She is active and eats and drinks well, but she tends to run in circles. I can’t tell if it’s an ear infection or a PT. can...
  11. Devon Picard

    Giving oral medication

    Hello! My ratty Cheese needs to get antibiotics. He gives me a lot of trouble when I try to give it to him so idk if Cheese is getting the entire dose. Can anyone recommend anything to make it easier?
  12. O

    Argh! Degloved tail, again? (photos, need help!!)

    I posted about a month ago about one of my boys, Obi, who I thought had a degloved tail at the time. Apparently it was a “nail tail” but since then I think he really degloved it! (Sorry for the flashy photo, it’s hard to get him to sit still- plus it’s the middle of the night!) It’s red, so...
  13. oasisandbambi


    So my rats are have been taking medicine for over a month and a week now. A week ago they were on baytril but were getting worse again so they started on baytril plus doxy. I know that rats are supposed to get medication for 4 to 6 weeks. Ive been giving them baytril for 5 weeks and doxy for 1...