1. Venus_rat

    Lump not connecting to muscle

    Please help. A few moments ago i found a lump in between my rats stomach and leg/thigh. I'm freaking out becauseim afraid it might be cancer. But it's not connected to any muscle its kinda like on extra skin?? I don't know! She's 3 years old now and this is sickening me
  2. DoodleSmythe

    How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye?

    So I’ll try to keep this brief, but I want to give enough detail: Ron is 2+ years (rescue so not sure). He had a lump on his neck which grew quickly and our trusted vet removed. He healed up nicely and was back to normal soon after. 6-8 weeks later, the lump had returned. Again, it grew fast...
  3. C

    huge bone like lump?

    One of my rats has a very large bone like lump on the back of his head/neck, it has no movement whatsoever and feels just like a bone. I have absolutely no idea what this is, I will post pictures in the morning but until then if anyone has any ideas it would help me relax. I will be taking him...
  4. Henishry

    Lump on rats stomach

    Hi, I found this odd red bump on my male rats lower stomach, right above his testicles a few days ago. Has anyone ever seen something like this before? He's behaving normal and he occasionally licks the area. I will definitely be making a vet appointment tomorrow but just wondering if anyone has...
  5. Gracey31399

    Random scabby lump

    Does anyone know what this can be?? Had a small lump last week now it looks scabbed? Any help would be great :) He's one yr seven months
  6. O

    Lump appeared on the side of rats mouth over the course of 3 days?

    Hi all, My rat Loki seems to have developed a small lump on his cheek, right next to his mouth, it seems to have appeared over the course of 3 days or so. Here are some photos: I have a vets appointment at 5pm today, but I wanted to get some further insight on what it could be before I go...
  7. Megan Fleischman

    Unknown growth on 10mo girl

    Our rat Cocoa has a growth that I just noticed last night. It feels pretty soft when palpated, but is in a location that makes me think it may be a mammary tumor . It’s under her right armpit. How can I distinguish between an abscess (this seems to have appeared somewhat suddenly-in the last two...
  8. O

    Rat seemed to have developed a lump overnight? Is this an abscess or tumour?

    Hello all, I’m really in need of some advice here. I have a male fancy rat, he’s about 1.5 yrs old, 800g and not neutered. I realised today that he seemed to have developed a soft lump with a slightly sunken centre and squishy all around, but a little irregular. Easily moved around basically...
  9. Lily Jones

    Small pink lump on lower belly

    So, this is my first post on here but I figured I’d ask about something I noticed on my sweet girl, Venus. I got Venus with her sister, Neptune, last April from a local pet store. Yes, I know to try to avoid pet stores but it was a mom and pop store so I felt a little safer getting my girls from...
  10. spankaroo

    potential tumor?

    hi all, my 11 month old male rat, spanky, has had a lump on his left side for a month or so now- but until recently it did not appear to be bothering him. i checked it again today, and it has increased quite a bit in size and is now red and scabbed over on top. it is firm and beneath his skin...
  11. W

    Large lump on my rat's throat? Abscess or tumor?

    Hello, recently my rat Bandit has grown a rather large, round lump on her throat. I am not exactly sure of her age but she is under 3 months old. The lump is hard to the touch and the skin seems to move over it. I shaved the area so I could get a better photo, the bald spot is not from hair...
  12. Nahla

    Healthy Old Girl

    Hello Rat Family, I have a fairly healthy two year old girl, aside from the occasional sneeze. I took her to the vet and they put her on enrofloxacin (also baytril I believe, but i declined that medication due to lack of funds). She has seemed to sneeze a bit less now, but I've been thinking...