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  1. M


    One of my rats is lethargic, she is wobbly and will barely walk. She wouldn’t even take a treat but I did get her to eat some yogurt. Her eyes are squinty, there’s excess porphyrin on her nose, and she seems overall very weak and so not herself. I am worried she’s dying (she’s almost exactly two...
  2. S

    HELP!!! Female rat with prolapsed uterus or tumor!!!

    This morning I saw this. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems to be either a prolapsed uterus or a tumor. Please help if you have any experience or advice!!! She's about 10 months old and lives with another female rat. If it is a prolapsed uterus, spaying would probably help but is VERY...
  3. H

    NEED HELP ASAP! sexing baby

    Hello, i have a baby rat that i rescued from being a feeder. I need to get them a friend, but i need confirmation on the gender fist! Going tonight or in the next few days! I’m thinking female but i’m not positive. i also do not know the age. Sorry the pics of tough could not get the baby to...
  4. bruxingbeauties

    I need help | medicine

    I need help finding ways to get my rats to take their medication. One of my girls recently passed away from pneumonia and I have 2 left. They started showing signs that they were sick too so I took them to the vet. They were given medicine and so far biscuit has taken them really easily and is...
  5. P

    Rat peeing a lot of blood

    Please help, on Tuesday night I noticed my rat Hector peeing blood. I phoned up the vet the next morning and I got a appointment that afternoon. He’s been put on Baytril for what we hope is just a UTI. However the bleeding seems to have gotten worse today (Thursday). I’ve attached a picture of...
  6. H


    My friend bought a rat and gave it to me at 10 days old I don’t know what to do and it’s twitching a lot mostly while it’s sleeping and sometimes it makes noise while doing it
  7. Caitlin

    please help my rats are fighting :(

    I have two male rats who are 8 months old and are brothers so have lived together their whole lives and never had any problem. Recently, the bigger rat (william) has been picking on the smaller one (james) to the point where he actually gets fluffed up and bites james leaving cuts in his skin. I...
  8. D

    First time with antisocial rats, HELP!

    Hi everyone, I really need your help with my rats. I really don't know what else I can do with them. Two weeks ago I got my rats from a breeder (my boyfriend got them for me as a surprise and he didn't have any idea that these rats almost don't have human socialization) At first they were...
  9. Katiebug9806

    What is this?? HELP

    This was huge abscess/growth on his tummy. And now it looks like an open wound. It was black and very large and has disappeared. This is all that is left. Don’t know what’s going on and worried
  10. Mialee

    Introducing 3 babies to 3 adults

    Hi, I have just bought 3 babies from a breeder in my area to go with my 3 rescue adults. They are 6 weeks old and 2 of them are quite confident but the other little girl is quite timid and has spent most of the time hiding in the corner. She’s the smallest of the group and the breeder said she...
  11. Mialee


    Hi, So I rescued two female rats to go with my lone female rat and I think one of them may have gone blind in one eye. She had two dark ruby eyes when I got her but suddenly one of her eyes has gone grey. I have included some photos below - does this need vetinary attention? She doesn’t seem to...
  12. Grace

    HELP! Rat eye injury!

    My rats were pretty newly introduced to each other. So occasionally, they have little fights for domance. Tonight they were fighting and I heard a louder than usual squeak so I immediately came and checked them out. One off my rats’ eye was bleeding and turned red. Much like the red eyes of...
  13. Angelrattie

    Rat's Tail Gone HELP

    I don't really know how it happened but one of my rats tails got caught in the door and broken off. I hadn't closed the door at all and it seemed like a normal feeding session when she all of a sudden started screaming and running in circles. She frightened me and her sisters a lot. The two...
  14. Angelrattie

    Irritated Eye Lids on Rat

    My girl has had irritated eyelids for about a week now and I don't know what to do. She hasn't shown any signs of illness besides the obvious redness around the eyelid. Her behavior seems normal to me. Although she has been grooming herself around her head/eyes a bit more than usual. I'm not...
  15. Angelrattie

    New Rat Owner Questions (A LOT)

    Should I be keeping the TV or radio on to get the rats used to some noise or will they get used to louder sounds on their own? How do I get my rats to stay on my bed? I feel like since they hate me so much they’ll try to get off the bed to avoid me. Does it mean rats trust you if they eat food...
  16. S

    Baby rat in need of help

    Hey everyone, ive been breeding rats for a while now, and while examining my litter, j found a cyst of some sort on my two week old dumbo male. Does anyone know what this is and why it appeared so suddenly? Please help, i dont want this to cause him to pass at such a young age.
  17. Mialee

    HELP my rat is biting!

    I have a rescue rat who was neglected quite badly in her previous home. She’s been with me for nearly 3 weeks now and I’ve been trying desperately to get her to be tame. She was never taken out of her cage in her previous home and from what we know she bit the owner when they first got her as a...