Where to place their cage

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Sep 28, 2018
Ok we had shelves and wire here so we made a cage because I didnt like the size of the ones that could be bought. We had the materials so why not right? Any way my hubby wants them in the liven room and I want them in my grand daughters room. Down falls of each room. LIVEN ROOM- We have cats that might hunt/scare them. Would have to move a cabinet in my GD bed room ( I don't mind ). It would be noisy here in the liven room. GD BED ROOM- they would be away from every one and the cats BUT they would be in front of drafty windows. I put plastic up every winter but it is still cold / drafty. I could put blankets up over the windows but it would be dark all the time. They are in my room in a middle size hamster cage at the moment. They are ok for room for now as they are very small still.


Mar 28, 2018
British Columbia
A room that you use regularly would be best. First off, it will be better because you can tell if there are changes in air quality and temperature, and having them with you is also great so they can spend time with everyone and you can make sure they are all healthy and doing well.
As far as the cats go, I’ve had cats that really liked to bother the rats and first, and they eventually got used to each other. My current girl is a huge fan of waiting at the cage bars and trying to bite any tail that makes its way in (she’s never actually done any damage). As long as the rats don’t seem terrified and the cats aren’t physically touching the rats aggressively, they should be fine to be in the same room.


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Jul 21, 2007
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I too recommend a room where the people are. It's best to have them part of the family all the time so you can include them in everything that you do. I've always had cats and rats and my cats have never cared for the rats, well, in fact, my cats were nervous of the rats. Make sure their cage is well secured in the room and that the cats won't jump on the cage.