What could be causing all this Porphryn?

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Sep 27, 2020
Hi, it has been some time since I wrote to this forum for some help. I do not expect a definitive answer but I'd like to get some feeadbeck on what could be going on with one of my rats.
So, I have two rats, sisters that have always lived together, who now are 16 months old. One of them, Tamira, has always been more hig energy, while Nifti has always been more laid back.

Nifti is the one rat who seeams to have something going on, but I can't figure out what.
She has always had a high porphyn production, that seams to encreace when the season changes (regardless if it's going to be winter or summer). There is no porphyn staning on the fur, but I see her producing the stuff even when she is out and running (mostly is one eye and sometimes from the nose also). Thow she is the more timid one she sill is quite active most of the times; then, sometime, she sceares me, like this morning, by just piking a wird place to sit and sqint at the world (I'll try to attach a video from this morning so you can get an idea). She dose this for a few minutes and then gose about her life again as if nothing happend, living me with the question "where you just in pain or are you just a wirdo?".
Last time I took them to the vet for a checkup, the vet sed the porphryn could be just stress (as Tamira is always picking on her, mostly bacause of food, so now I have to separate them during feading time) or allergies and gave me some eye drops but it hasn't really worked or changed anything.
As for the cage, they live in one unit of the furat tower, have hamp as bedding and get spot cleanings every day.
One thing I shoud mention is that we live in a pretty polluted area so, if there is noting internal going on, might this be the problem?

Thanks for sitting throw all my spellig mistakes and I hope someone can help us.
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