Was it a good-bye or a cursing?

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Anna Allison

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Jul 15, 2018
Jasper, Alabama
It all started with a box of 9 little cupcakes I had on top of the deep freeze in the kitchen. I heard a noise and looked and the box of cupcakes was moving, so I run to the deep freeze and grab ahold of it and told who ever was dragging it away "no, no, no they are mine" even though I couldn't see who was doing it. A little while later I heard a crash, when I went back to the freezer the box of cupcakes was gone. So I looked behind the freezer and sure enough there was the box of little cupcakes open on the floor. And a scared little grey rat (about teenager size) was hiding by freezer. When he seen I was looking at him he took off up a piece of wood, back onto the freezer and into a small hole in the wall. But before disappearing into the wall he stopped and just looked at me and my pet rat Simmon (who was on my shoulder) for a few moments. So, while I was trying to figure out if he was telling us good-bye or cursing us for his failed attempt, I got to feeling sorry for him and shoved two little cupcakes into the hole along with a slice of an apple. What can I say I have a soft spot for all little critters.
I hope this puts as big a smile on your face as it did mine. And let's all hope that my husband never finds out that I put food in that hole for that cute little guy.
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