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Dec 27, 2021
Hi we are new to rat ownership. Before getting our two boys in September I had read lots bout how clean and hygienic they were.
We have brothers who were born the beginning of August and came to us at 7weeks.
Overall they are great however their hygiene and toileting is nothing like what I expected. They are so dirty! They urinate where they sleep, poop beside their food bowl and I’ve never seen them groom themselves. I’ve been trying to litter train them from the very beginning but they have made zero progress. I place their droppings in the tray daily and read about using a “pee stone” but they’ve shown no interest. As I said they have a hammock bed and I need to wash this all the time as they literally lie in their own urine.
they are out playing for hours daily, eat well and generally are happy and healthy except for this issue. We are planning on having them neutered to see if this helps but our vet said to wait until they are 6months old. What else can we do? Currently the smell is awful and I’m needing to change their bedding every two days!?


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Jul 21, 2007
Toronto, Canada, Earth
Not sure why you have to wait for 6 months to neuter, it is usually a weight/size thing neuters are based on.
It sounds like you have marinators lol. Find out where they like to poop and put a basket, tray or litterbox there. Make sure the litter is different than the rest of their bedding to encourage them. Neutering should help with the smell though

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