Scatter feeding causing aggression


Jul 25, 2021
I started scatter feeding my rats in their deep cage bedding a while ago, but one of the two boys has become very territorial over the cage floor when I've scattered food there, with regular scuffles and the less dominant rat being scared to go on the cage floor.

I don't want to go back to giving them a food bowl, so I've been putting food around for them to find during their free roam time, plus different areas of the cage. It's quite hard work though and very messy with food remains left all over the room. I also have a big dig box for them (outside the cage) which they both loved initially, but again the dominant rat took it over and the other one is usually too scared to go in it.

What's the solution? Perhaps I could get another dig box so they have one each, only doing the scatter feed after they have both eaten? Perhaps there will be less aggression if they are less hungry.

Well I have given myself some ideas just writing this out, but if anyone else has any suggestions then I'd be very happy to hear them!

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