Potty Training

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Sep 5, 2020
Portland OR
I posted a few weeks ago about my new boys Pickle and Radar, and I think we are all getting used to each other and feeling more confident, yay.

But litter training is not taking, at all, because they are actively thwarting my efforts. It's clever and almost cute. They have a favorite spot at the top back of the cage, meaning it usually falls out onto the floor. So, I put a litter box there. They shoved it out of the way and went behind it. Something fun to hide behind, fair enough. So I secured it. So they slept in it, and (like tidy rats) pooped next to it. I put up some cardboard but the poos just got wedged in and eventually fell everywhere anyway. I made a cage liner with walls and they chewed it and climbed to the other side.

It's so deliberate that I have to laugh. I'm trying to work with their preferences but that just seems to be pooping into the void and me picking it off the floor. I do have a towel down but !!!

Does anyone have ideas? Or should I just resign myself?


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Supporting Member
May 17, 2020
Toronto, Ontario
Thats a good question. Some of my girls know to always use litterbox but there are a few who are problematic & still continue to poop on the outside of the box-although i have to admit, i gave up a little too quickly on the training & resigned myself ....so i’m gonna make a point to start correcting them/training them everytime & see if it takes! So i will post back after a week or 2 & let u know if i have any positive results. I just ordered (bitter apple spray) cause they keep chewing up my critter nation accessories/fleece in the corners. I’m not sure if spraying the areas where they poop would be of any use or not...

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